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All About Karma

When most people I talk to mention Karma, it is seen as this Cosmic Big Guy judge and jury, who is watching over everything we do and doling out rewards for good deeds and punishment for bad deeds. The expression, ‘instant Karma’, which was coined by John Lennon, says it all. You do something bad […]

Your Children In The Cards

I have talked about writing an article about children and their cards for a long time. There was even the thought of doing a complete book about it. It certainly deserves it. But for now, an article will serve to convey some of my thoughts on the subject. I hope you find this interesting and […]

Reflections on the Cards, Astrology, and Life

Here are some of my more recent thoughts about the cards and other topics, and how they fit into life. Just some random bits here and there. I hope you enjoy these ramblings. No card is good or bad, or right or wrong One important lesson that the cards have taught me is that no […]

Shining the Light on Neptune Connection Relationships

Everyone has Neptune in their astrological birth charts, but not everyone is predisposed to having Neptune relationships. There are certain people, like myself, who have strong Neptune/Pisces connections in relationships, such as Venus in Pisces, Neptune in the 7th house, Pisces on the Descendant, Neptune in Libra and Neptune aspecting Venus. Those in this group […]

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