Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Please read this information carefully to understand how to access your product or content you just purchased.

If you ordered a report, a course, our online software or our desktop software, first make sure you are logged into your account on

Then, look for the name of your product, either under Products or under Memberships.

Then, just click and follow the View links next to the name of the product you ordered. The links for reports lead to you the page where you make the report and have instant access to it.

Book orders are usually shipped the following business day and you will get an email notification of them being shipped.

If you ordered a personal consultation, likewise there is a View link that leads to an information page with a Calendly link that allows you to set up your appointment.

If you still have any issues finding your purchase, feel free to email us at Likewise if you happen to make a mistake filling out the information for your report, just send a request to correct it to the same email.


You can use any credit card or Paypal.

We usually ship out the next business day for all our books. Any other item is an instant purchase with a download page or item, or instant access to your content.

Our site uses industry standard encryption and we DO NOT store your credit card data anywhere. We do store your name, address and phone number.

All products, other than books, are instantly available after purchase. Look for links under My Account to access them.

Yes, you get an email invoice, and often, in that email will be the links to whatever content you have purchased.

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