picture taken in 1973

Robert Lee Camp was born into a relatively poor family in West Virginia in 1953. The first of seven children, he always had an interest in self-improvement which eventually lead to spirituality. In 1976 he moved full time into a yoga school in Pennsylvania and was a celibate and renunciate for five years and a resident leader and teacher for 10 years. It was there he was first exposed to the idea of astrology to which he took to immediately.

Robert discovered the Science of the Cards in 1988 when a friend showed him a copy of Sacred Symbols of the Ancients. He was already doing astrological readings at the time and was stunned by the accuracy of what he read there. That book eventually lead him to his teacher, Arnie Lein, with whom he took numerous lessons in order to master this ancient system. Arnie Lein did not live long after Robert met him and died about a year later. This prompted Robert to dedicate himself to spreading this knowledge of the cards to the world, and write and publish his first book, which was entitled The Atlantean Oracle. He used his knowledge of computer programming to create all the yearly spreads that his book displayed, to make reading the cards much easier than the method taught by Mr. Lein.

In 1992 Robert discovered The Order of the Magi, who were located in Paradise, CA. On his second trip to meet with them, he was told he was to be initiated into the Order due to his commitment to the cards and his past lives, in one of which he served the prophet Daniel. In May of that year, he was initiated as a Grand Master in the Order of the Magi on Terra. It was from this initiation that Robert realized the spiritual underpinnings of this amazing system and dedicated himself to making it known to the world.

As Robert used and taught the Science of the Cards to others, he made many discoveries about the system, ones that brought out even more meaningful information that had never been taught. Much of what is common knowledge about the cards today is a result of his experience and research.

While in Los Angeles, CA, Robert was able to perform readings for several Hollywood celebrities, but eventually decided to move up to Paradise to rewrite his book. With the support of his students, Robert published The Cards of Your Destiny, which became much more successful. He was discovered by accident by Sourcebooks, Inc. just as he was writing his Love Cards book and accepted a publishing deal for both books.

After that he spent year teaching classes, developing software, and doing readings for others. Now, over 30 years later, he has sold hundreds of thousands of books and card science has become much more available and visible to the world. His books have been translated and published in Russian, Chinese, and other languages. He continues his work and is helping train students to become readers and teachers. Robert currently resides in Asheville, NC with his wife Lena Rachel and son, Radheya.