Reflections on the Cards, Astrology, and Life

Here are some of my more recent thoughts about the cards and other topics, and how they fit into life. Just some random bits here and there. I hope you enjoy these ramblings.

No card is good or bad, or right or wrong

One important lesson that the cards have taught me is that no one’s point of view is the ultimate right one. There is no one truth or point of view that is always right, or even right in any given situation. With 53 different cards in the deck there may be at least 53 different ways to look at any situation. Astrology also says the same thing. Among the 12 signs of the zodiac are friends and enemies. They are not really friends or enemies, it is just that they tend to look at life in harmonious or inharmonious ways. All the signs of the same element, i.e. water, fire, earth or air, are harmonious with each other. But all four signs of the same quality, i.e. cardinal, fixed and mutable, do not harmonize at all. These signs of the same quality are all very different from each other, so much so that it is nearly impossible for them to agree or get along with each other. Is there anything personal in this? Not at all. It is just the nature of the energies that are being expressed.

Likewise in the cards we have people who are Venus, Moon and Jupiter to us that it is very easy to harmonized with. And we have the challenging ones, Mars, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto. Is any sign or any card’s point of view the right one? Absolutely not! No one is right. They are just expressing the energy of their birthday and it will harmonize with some other people and not harmonize with others. But in our humanness we make a big deal about our points of view. And we even go so far as to create enemies of others who do not harmonize with us. We become attached to our points of view, thinking we must be the only ones that are right. But the truth is that every time we think we are right there are numerous other points of view that are equally valid. All we need to do is shift our point of view to their point of view to see this. Ultimately no point of view is the right one. All are equally valid. And if this is true, what is all this fighting about? And why do we take is so personally when someone contradicts what we say or write or do? This realization has helped me to let go of my attachment to a point of view and to be more open minded. It has also helped me to not take conflicting points of views personally.

What I have learned about Sixes lately

Being in a relationship with someone whose Planetary Ruling Card is a 6 has taught me a lot. I have had past relationships with a 6 and a 6. I seem to attract Sixes on some level. But this time I think I have a more deep understanding of how they operate. In personal relationships, those with a Six Birth or Planetary Ruling Card can be very angry at times. They can act vindictively as if they have been attacked by their partner and need to ‘right the wrong’ perpetrated upon them. That is one thing we notice on the external level. At the same time, Sixes are very psychic and love peaceful times. Seems like a contradiction at best, but that is how they show up. When I see a Six now I see the issue of responsibility being played out in a big way. Regardless of whether or not a Six is playing the side of being overly responsible or not being responsible at all, responsibility is at the center. When a Six is attacking someone else, they are in a state of blame, which is an act of holding someone else responsible for something. You can also say that in that state of being, a Six is being completely irresponsible. To blame is to harbor no responsibility and to place that upon another. Sixes know this instinctively and they do not like it. They get down on themselves about their occasional angry outburst. Again, it is their sense of responsibility that causes this guilt to come after an angry outburst. Usually at that point the Six person will go back to being overly responsible about things in their life. So, we see them go to extremes. What I have also noticed is that all the Sixes are very hard on themselves. Again, I think this is about the responsibility thing. Even the number Six is related to Saturn, because Six is the number of balance. The six-pointed star and the scales of justice are symbols for the number Six. There is always a lot of Saturn connected to Six people. And Saturn is all about responsibility and balance. Thus, with Six people we often find a great deal of heaviness around them and their lives. This is not always apparent on the surface. They often look and act very happy and positive. But underneath there is usually a sense of burden and heaviness, often a great deal of sadness as well. Both the 6 and 6 have very challenging Heart cards in their Saturn Life Spread positions (A and 3). The 6, which has a very fortunate Life Spread, sits in a Saturn column in both the Life and Spiritual Spreads. And the 6 has the 6 in Saturn. I have compassion and respect for people who are Sixes. They are reminders of how important responsibility in life actually is.

Sevens and Nines really do affect spiritual people different than material people

Sevens and Nines are generally regarded as the most challenging cards to have in your time-based spreads. But if you are spiritually oriented, they are often good news rather than bad. And this is especially true if they occur in the Uranus or Neptune periods. Uranus is liken to the Seven energy and Neptune to Nine energy. Both Sevens and Nines often manifest in good ways in these two spiritual periods. I need to define spiritual here just to be clear. When I say a spiritually based person I mean someone who tends to look within for his or her answers rather than put the blame or credit in their lives on external factors. If a spiritual person has a problem, they usually ask themselves, ‘how did I create this?’ or ‘what is this teaching me about myself?’ When a Nine shows up in a spread, the spiritual person may ask, ‘what is it I need to let go of in my life to move to the next step?’ It is this ‘inward’ perspective on life that I term a spiritual perspective. And people who live this way as a general approach to life usually experience good fortune when Sevens and Nines appear in their yearly spreads. A material person, on the other hand, is always afraid of the cards and more or less desperately looking for good signs in the future. And for them, Sevens and Nines generally present more problems and losses, something that they do not want at all. A highly spiritual person will welcome any challenge or loss that comes their way, as a challenge to take them even deeper in their inner connection. I cannot say that I am truly spiritual but certainly somewhat spiritual. And for me, Sevens and Nines have always been positive, at least positive in the end. I had a 9 in Saturn a couple of years ago and it was very challenging. But I learned something so important then that I would not trade it for anything.

Use the new information about the Law of Fives – It really works!

I wrote an article a few years ago about the Law of Fives. This is, in my opinion, an epiphany, card-wise. It has opened up new vistas of understanding about all the cards in the yearly spread. Every period in a yearly spread is connected to other cards five spaces away. Mercury to Uranus, Venus to Neptune, Mars to Pluto, Jupiter to Result or Cosmic Reward, Saturn to Cosmic Lesson. Look at the cards in any period along with the cards in the corresponding position to get the total picture. It is amazing. So, if I was looking at the Uranus period that I am in currently, I would also glance at my Mercury period cards for more information about what is happening now. The opposite would be true as well. If I were in Mercury I would look at the Uranus cards for more information about the Mercury period. Another example would be to look at the Cosmic Lesson card for more information about your Saturn period. Now, the Cosmic Lesson card does not appear in the Cards of Your Destiny book. You can only get that from our software program. Our latest Reader Edition software displays all of the Law of Five Cards, in an easy to read manner.


The vast majority of people studying astrology think that Chiron has something to do with the ‘wounded healer.’ This misconception was because the first book ever written about Chiron, written by Barbara Hand Clow, said so. That book was completely made up by her and had no basis in actual real life or empirical research. And yet to this day, it is the book most people read about Chiron and so if you search for Chiron on the web you see just how prevalent this belief is. The people that cleared this up for me were the Magi Astrology folks who wrote The Key to Success in Love and Money. If you can get a copy of that, for it is now out of print, you are well served, for these guys discovered many thing about Chiron by doing vast amounts of data gathering and examination. They found that Chiron was like a magic elixir of a planet, which when combined with other planets creates the best and worst possible results from those planets, depending upon the aspects. Good aspects with Chiron gave super results, while bad aspects gave negative results. Their findings revolutionized a lot of my thinking, especially about love and relationships. They explained experiences and phenomena that I had never had explanations for. I felt blessed to have found their work.

I have been researching Chiron myself for about ten years and feel I have a bit more to add to this. The Magi Astrologers don’t give any importance to the sign or house position of Chiron and I didn’t either until recently. What I realized is that Chiron represents this place in our chart where we want fulfillment. It is like a very sensitive point, or in this case a very sensitive part of life, where we want very much to feel a sense of satisfaction, success, or good things happening. If our Chiron has good aspects from other planets in our chart, we will tend to have these experiences of fulfillment. And the opposite is true as well. In my own case, my Chiron is in Capricorn in the 5th house. I have always sought fulfillment in the areas of career (Capricorn) and sex (the 5th house). Yet, my Chiron is part of a T-Square configuration in my chart with Saturn/Neptune in the 2nd house and Uranus in the 11th. Thus, there has been a lot of disappointment in my life in the very areas where I am seeking to be fulfilled. The only saving grace is that my Chiron inconjuncts my Pluto in my 12th house. By going within (12th house), I find solutions. And also, secret (12th house) lovers (hitting 5th house Chiron) have often been a source of sexual fulfillment.

If you look at your Chiron you may see that its sign and position do represent for you a place where you seek fulfillment or where and how you feel very fulfilled. If you meet someone whose planets make good aspects to your Chiron, you have a relationship that will bring you some of this fulfillment, even if you do not have planets in your own chart that support it. This is mainly what the Magi Astrology book talks about, and they explain it very well. For example, they say that the very best aspect to have for marriage is when one person’s Chiron makes a good aspect to the other person’s Venus. This is their number one successful marriage aspect. One thing, though, that I have never heard them mention, is when one person’s Chiron makes aspects to the other person’s Chiron. Chiron inter-aspects are never mentioned and I never thought much about it until I met someone whose Chiron exactly trines my own. I have found this Chiron to Chiron good aspect to be quite powerful, in a good way. It might actually be one of the best Chiron aspects.

Venus aspects and relationships

Speaking of astrology and relationships, I have made another discovery as well, involving Venus. The Magi Astrologers, and many other astrologers, say that Venus/Mars and Venus/Pluto make for the most powerful sexual aspects. Having my Chiron in the 5th I have always wondered just what is the best sexual aspect. In the past, I discovered that Mars/Moon inter-aspects were very satisfying sexually. In one of my marriages, my wife and I had mutual Mars/Moon good aspect and the sex was really great. But this might be because my Moon is in a sexual sign, Aries. The Moon is a lot like Chiron in that it seeks contact with other planets for expression. So, my Moon/Mars thing might only work for me.

In relationships where I had Venus and Pluto, it was okay, but certainly not great. I have discovered that Venus really is the planet of sex. In the Vedas, Sukra, which is the Indian name for Venus, was the lord of the demons. He represented fulfillment in the sensual realms. He was not spiritual by any means, but still played an important role in life. If your Venus makes good contacts with another person’s planets, there is a chance that they will bring sensual and other pleasures into your life. I have recently discovered that when two people have a good aspects between their Venuses, it makes for great sex and other things. Having Venuses that make good aspects means that whatever pleases you, also pleases your partner. Isn’t that the very definition of great sex? Imagine making love with someone and each thing that you do during the act of sex, delights them. And each response they make to what you do, heightens your own pleasure. And now imagine that being mutual! This might be the best sexual aspect there is.

I still think often about the breakdown of the American economy

The world economy is now more connected than ever in history. One countries woes can affect all other countries to some extent. America is the holder of the default currency of the world, a position held by other countries in the past. Countries have to exchange and trade goods in dollars to do trade. But since we have borrowed so much money, and are in depth so deeply, the dollar stands at a place where it’s value is questionable. Dollars are being questioned by many countries as we speak, especially China. Countries are seeking a way to avoid trading in dollars since the worth of these dollars are so questionable. Many people believe that soon the dollar’s value will collapse. There are many points of view regarding this. Some think it will be a devastating collapse that will cause hunger, famine and rioting and looting in the streets of America. Other predictions are not so dramatic. But it is true that many, perhaps, millions of Americans, are preparing for some sort of fallout. Our country keeps borrowing and upping our borrowing limit. Two 9 of Diamond presidents in a row have put us in the poor house, by spending, and more spending. And now it has just become the way we do things. This occurred to England not that long ago when it was the default world currency. They did just as we are doing – printing money with nothing to back it up. When their currency collapsed it was a very bleak time for the entire country.

For myself, I am slowing moving money I have in dollars into things of value. Real estate, gold and silver are the best holders of value. Dollars are make-believe money. So is crypto currency. The money you have in your bank is make believe. Its value could be halved overnight, should certain events transpire. Just having dollars is no guarantee of value. Dollars used to be backed by gold, in Fort Knox. That hasn’t been true for a long time now. We have nothing backing up our dollars. They are simply ‘notes’ or IOUs. Consider the money you may have stashed away for a rainy day. If that rainy day comes, it might mean it comes in the form of a huge collapse in the value of dollars. Many signs are pointing to this. I certainly do not hope this will happen. But being somewhat of a futurist, I can see where things are heading. So, in my own little way, I am taking steps and also spreading the word. I say don’t trust dollars, crypto currency and bank accounts. Only trust things of real value. Many billionaires are doing just that – investing heavily in land and other ‘real’ resources.

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