Visions Volume VII – EBook PDF
Robert Lee Camp

by Robert Camp 121 pages $14.95 For new students, the Visions volumes are collections of articles by Robert…


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Robert’s Newsletter Articles

Visions Volume VII – EBook PDF

The Visions Volumes are a collection of Robert’s newsletter articles, spanning ten years, from his Voice of the Seven Thunders newsletter. Here you will find articles about topics that go into more depth on particular subjects and articles about card and astrology related topics that he has never published anywhere else. The entire collection spans over 1000 pages. And you can search the Master  Volume  table of contents  or the contents on any particular book on its page to locate topics you are interested in. Enjoy!

Visions Volume VII – EBook PDF

by Robert Camp 121 pages $14.95 For new students, the Visions volumes are collections of articles by Robert…

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Visions Volume VII – EBook PDF

by Robert Camp 121 pages

For new students, the Visions volumes are collections of articles by Robert Lee Camp. Most are about the science of the cards but there are also commentaries, articles on spirituality and some astrology too. It has 56 articles in total and covers the July 2003 to July 2005 period. Instant delivery and no shipping!


Table of Contents

From the July, 2003 Newsletter
The Lord of Your Chart 5
Finding the Perfect Partner with the Cards 7
Celebrity Profiles 9
The Card of Where You Live 10
Information and Our Connection to Source 11

From the September, 2003 Newsletter
There’s No Such Thing As a Bad Card 13
The Secrets in Your Life Spread 14
Finding the Perfect Partner Using Destiny 18
Cards – Self Love and the Cards
The Blame Game 20

From the November, 2003 Newsletter
Transcending Your Cards 22
The Charming Ace of Diamonds 23
A New Relationship Connection 26
Averting Disaster with the cards 27
Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman 29

From the January, 2004 Newsletter
Looking Into 2004 31
The Saturn Cards 32
Mastery of Fear – Part One 35
My Work 38

From the March, 2004 Newsletter
The Leo Thing 40
Mastery of Fear – Part Two 42
Abiding in the Source 44
A New Look at Yearly Spreads 46
A Deeper Look at Relationships 46

From the May, 2004 Newsletter
Celebrity Couple Shakedown 49
The Twelve Colors of Life 51
The Most Common Misconceptions 53
Between Wanting and Having 55
World News Update 57

From the July, 2004 Newsletter
Celebrity Couple Update 58
The Magical Cards in Your Yearly Spreads 58
The Results are Consistent with Me 62
The Money Cards 64

From the September, 2004 Newsletter
Unsolved Card Mysteries 67
The Thing About Aces 70
Why a Fellowship? 72
The Escape From Being 74
Presidential Election Update 75

From the November, 2004 Newsletter
Presidential Election Update 76
Choosing Your Relationships 76
Legally Speaking 82

From the December, 2004 Newsletter
Your 2005 Astrological Outlook 85
Letters and Testimonials 88

From the January, 2005 Newsletter
The Current Age of Darkness 89
The Karma Cards In-Depth 91
The Earthquake Card 95

From the March, 2005 Newsletter
Good Judgment 97
The Highest Path and the Ace of Spades 99
A Missing Card Link 100
Do No Harm 103

From the May, 2005 Newsletter
Planetary Gemology 105
A Card is a Card 108
Astrological Myths 110

From the July, 2005 Newsletter
The Effects of Culture 115
The Queen of Diamonds and 3 of Clubs 116
Uranus and Relationships 118
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes 120


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