Visions Volume V – EBook PDF
Robert Lee Camp

by Robert Camp 94 pages $14.95 For new students, the Visions volumes are collections of articles by Robert…


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Robert’s Newsletter Articles

Visions Volume V – EBook PDF

The Visions Volumes are a collection of Robert’s newsletter articles, spanning ten years, from his Voice of the Seven Thunders newsletter. Here you will find articles about topics that go into more depth on particular subjects and articles about card and astrology related topics that he has never published anywhere else. The entire collection spans over 1000 pages. And you can search the Master  Volume  table of contents  or the contents on any particular book on its page to locate topics you are interested in. Enjoy!

Visions Volume V – EBook PDF

by Robert Camp 94 pages $14.95 For new students, the Visions volumes are collections of articles by Robert…

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Visions Volume V – EBook PDF

by Robert Camp 94 pages

For new students, the Visions volumes are collections of articles by Robert Lee Camp. Most are about the science of the cards but there are also commentaries, articles on spirituality and some astrology too. Visions Volume V has 54 articles in total from January 1999 – January 2001. Instant delivery and no shipping!


Table of Contents

From the January, 1999 Newsletter
Diamonds = Values = Prosperity 5
The Open Heart 9
How the Daily and Weekly Cards are Computed 10
New Year’s Astrological Update 12

From the March, 1999 Newsletter
Age 45 – The Divine Mirror Year 13
The Jupiter Period of Life, Ages 39 – 52 18
Our Inner Worth 20

From the May, 1999 Newsletter
Doing Great Readings 22
Separating the Truth From Fiction 24
Finding the Long Range Cards for your Weekly Spreads 27
Saturn’s Beautiful Gift 28
The Mirror 29

From the July, 1999 Newsletter
The Life and Trials of the 4 of Diamonds  30
Avoidance = Perpetuating – Embracing the Divine Uncertainty 32
Pisces is Dead! Long Live Aquarius! 34
What Happens After We Survive Y2K? 35
Growing a Business 36
The Pluto and Result Cards in depth – Either / Or 37
Astrological Update 38

From the September, 1999 Newsletter
Displacement Card Relationships 39
A New Look at the Cosmic Reward Card, Karma and the Kennedys 40
Questions and Answers 43
Astrological Update 47

From the November, 1999 Newsletter
Our Underlying Cards Each Year 47
Secrets of the Planetary Ruling Card 49
People are Dying All Over 50

From the January, 2000 Newsletter
The Five Jacks – The Masters of Illusion 52
Doing predictions for celebrities and others 55
The Fives – Contrived Freedom 57
New Year’s Astrological Update 58

From the March, 2000 Newsletter
Using Card Synchronization to pinpoint specific dates of events 60
The Rebirth Cycle – Ages 44 – 46 “Looking in the Mirror” 62
Transcending our Cards 65
Astrological Perspectives 67

From the May, 2000 Newsletter
The 2 of Hearts and the Illusion of Love 68
The Death Cards 70
Greed is Poverty Consciousness in Action 72
Romancing the Cards 75
A New Look at the Weekly Reading 76

From the July, 2000 Newsletter
July 20th, 2000, A Perfect Day? 76
The Presidential Elections – Who do you think will win? 78
The Super Cards and other interesting tidbits 80
The Truth of the Now 83

From the September, 2000 Newsletter
Success and How to Achieve It! 84
The Solution Reading 87
The Power of Important Choices 89
Questions and Answers 92

From the November, 2000 Newsletter
The Powerful and Determined 8 of Clubs 93
The Most Expensive Sin 95
Following the Underlying Cards Each Year 98

From the January, 2001 Newsletter
To the Heart of the Matter – What This System Is All About 101
The Responsible Sixes 104
The Nines – Death? or Spiritual Transformation 107
Questions and Answers 109


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