Visions Volume VI – EBook PDF
Robert Lee Camp

by Robert Camp 94 pages $14.95 For new students, the Visions volumes are collections of articles by Robert…


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Robert’s Newsletter Articles

Visions Volume VI – EBook PDF

The Visions Volumes are a collection of Robert’s newsletter articles, spanning ten years, from his Voice of the Seven Thunders newsletter. Here you will find articles about topics that go into more depth on particular subjects and articles about card and astrology related topics that he has never published anywhere else. The entire collection spans over 1000 pages. And you can search the Master  Volume  table of contents  or the contents on any particular book on its page to locate topics you are interested in. Enjoy!

Visions Volume VI – EBook PDF

by Robert Camp 94 pages $14.95 For new students, the Visions volumes are collections of articles by Robert…

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Visions Volume VI – EBook PDF

by Robert Camp 94 pages

For new students, the Visions volumes are collections of articles by Robert Lee Camp. Most are about the science of the cards but there are also commentaries, articles on spirituality and some astrology too. It has 56 articles in total and all the newsletter articles from March of 2001 through May of 2003. Instant delivery and no shipping!


Table of Contents

From the March, 2001 Newsletter
The 6 and 9 of Spades – Pay Heed to these Cards! 5
The Limits of Knowledge 7
Reading the Joker 10
Questions and Answers 11

From the May, 2001 Newsletter
The Wish-Fulfilling Card 13
Around and Around – Exploring our Personal 45 Spreads 17
My Favorite Celebrity Birthday Sites 21

From the July, 2001 Newsletter
52 Cards will Tell You The Truth! 22
Choices, Choices 24
The Six of Hearts 26
The Power of the Open Heart 27

From the September, 2001 Newsletter
Testing the Cards 30
Exploring the Planetary Ruling Cards 33
The Limits of Knowledge 35
Astrological Update 37

From the November, 2001 Newsletter
The Most Powerful Suit 39
Patterns in the Life Spreads 40
The Way of Love 42
Some Special Relationships 44
Astrological Update – the Crisis 47

From the January, 2002 Newsletter
Planning with the Cards 48
I Create 51
The Queen of Hearts 53
Astrological Update with Theresa Green 56

From the March, 2002 Newsletter
Using Your Card Knowledge to Make Money 57
Your Children In The Cards 58
Having a Conscious Birthday 65

From the May, 2002 Newsletter
Your Personal Guide to Choosing
Your Next Relationship –Using the Cards 66
A Blessed Day, July 13, 2002 70
Another Terrorist Attack? An Astrological Perspective 71
My Personal Journey – Part One 73

From the July, 2002 Newsletter
The End of a Cycle 74
Other Rulers and Ruling Cards 76
Feeling What We Feel 78
My Personal Journey – Part Two 80

From the September, 2002 Newsletter
Higher Love – Understanding the Jack of Hearts 83
The Fear of God Cards 85
Your Planetary Day Card 88
Relationships Are Hard To Do 89

From the November, 2002 Newsletter
Advanced Relationship Techniques 92
Truths to Live By 97

From the December, 2002 Newsletter
The Return of the Angry Planet 101
Celebrities Through the Cards – Halle Berry 103

From the January, 2003 Newsletter
From The Mystic Test Book –Part One 104
More About the Upcoming Mars Opposition 106
Are You Prepared for World War Three? 108
The Magic in Your First Karma Card 109

From the March, 2003 Newsletter
Star Card Couples Ben Afflect and Jennifer Lopez 112
The Deeper Meaning of Seven and Nines 113
Using Your Life Spread Cards in Yearly readings 115
The Karma Card Yearly Spreads
and the Space Shuttle Astronauts 118

From the May, 2003 Newsletter
Update- Cards, Wars, and SARS 121
Celebrity Profiles: Aaliyah 122
Secretary of Defense – Donald Rumsfeld 123
Whitney Houston 124
The Importance of the Sun / Moon Relationship 125


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