Visions Volume IX – EBook PDF
Robert Lee Camp

by Robert Lee Camp 80 pages $14.95 This is our latest volume of Visions, 56 articles from two…


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Robert’s Newsletter Articles

Visions Volume IX – EBook PDF

The Visions Volumes are a collection of Robert’s newsletter articles, spanning ten years, from his Voice of the Seven Thunders newsletter. Here you will find articles about topics that go into more depth on particular subjects and articles about card and astrology related topics that he has never published anywhere else. The entire collection spans over 1000 pages. And you can search the Master  Volume  table of contents  or the contents on any particular book on its page to locate topics you are interested in. Enjoy!

Visions Volume IX – EBook PDF

by Robert Lee Camp 80 pages $14.95 This is our latest volume of Visions, 56 articles from two…

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Visions Volume IX – EBook PDF

by Robert Lee Camp 80 pages

This is our latest volume of Visions, 56 articles from two years of the newsletter starting in September 2007. 80 pages in PDF EBook form. Instant delivery and no shipping!


Table of Contents

From the September 2007 Newsletter
Star Cards – Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson 5
People I know 5
Personal Experiences from a 10 of Spades 7
Health Secrets that have Changed my Life Spread 9

From the November 2007 Newsletter
All About Your Planetary Ruling Card 11
The Magic in Numbers 13
Star Cards – Britney Spears 15
The Thing About the Cards 16

From the January 2008 Newsletter
Global Warming and the Mayan Calendar 17
The Importance of Satsang 18
Mission Impossible 19
Jessica Alba and Cash Warren 21
2008 Astrology Report 22

From the March 2008 Newsletter
52 Cards will tell you the Truth! 23
A Closer Look at the current Presidential Race 25
Amazing Card Stories 27
Sixes and Responsibility 28

From the May 2008 Newsletter
The Way of the Spiritual Warrior 29
Exploring Your Life Spread Cards – Part One 31

From the July 2008 Newsletter
When you find your Life Spread Cards in Your Yearly Spreads 35
Exploring Your Life Spread Cards – Part Two 37
The Days of the Week are my Friends 40
9 of Spades Becoming Present 41

From the September 2008 Newsletter
Your Decanate Ruling Card – Revisited 42
Presidential Election Update 44
The Mystic Story of Atlantis 46
Star Cards – Rebecca Romjin and Jerry O’Connell 48

From the November 2008 Newsletter
The Venus Saturn Connection 48
Star Cards – Jennifer Anniston and John Clayton Mayer 50
Better that Fine 51
Looking Deeper Into the Card Connections in Our Relationships 52

From the January 2009 Newsletter
Global Warming Debunked! 53
Having the Perfect Relationship 53
The Power of the Unconscious 55
2009 – the Year of ? 57
The Ace of Spades 58

From the March 2009 Newsletter
Our Life Stories 59
Dreams and Nightmares 62
The Neptune Cards 64

From the May 2009 Newsletter
Following Saturn’s Journey Though our Natal Charts 66
Our Peephole into Reality 70
Taking the Judgment out of Who We Are 71

From the July 2009 Newsletter
Using the Cards for Business and Personal Planning 73
The World of Forms and the Key to Everything 77
About Chiron and Your Chiron Card – Part One 79


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