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You and Your World, and Finding ‘It’

The first Matrix movie stirred the hearts and minds of all spiritual seekers. The movie [...]

All About Karma

When most people I talk to mention Karma, it is seen as this Cosmic Big [...]

Perfecting Your Card Readings

The cards are one of the true, ancient, mystic sciences. As such they pose a [...]

The Age of Theft

Over 4,000 years ago, Vedic priests made predictions about the current age of Kali. Everything [...]

Your Children In The Cards

I have talked about writing an article about children and their cards for a long [...]

Reflections on the Cards, Astrology, and Life

Here are some of my more recent thoughts about the cards and other topics, and [...]

Shining the Light on Neptune Connection Relationships

Everyone has Neptune in their astrological birth charts, but not everyone is predisposed to having [...]

The Cards and Duality

To be living from the Life Spread in the cards is to be living in [...]

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