Terms, Conditions
and other Details

Registration and Tuition

The cost of the certification is $3,000 and includes everything you need to complete your training. You can pay the amount in full at the beginning or opt for our partial payment plan. This option has you pay $2,100 up front and then make payments of $300, for 3 months. Upon registration you will be directed to a questionnaire, to fill out and return so that we may familiarize ourselves with you and choose the best mentor to help you during your training.

For those on the payment plan

If you are choosing the payment plan, be aware of these conditions:

  • If your required payment is late for more than one week, you are suspended from the training until such payment is made. This means you will not be speaking with your mentor or attending the monthly classes. Once you make your payment, you are active again and enjoying all privileges.
  • If your are late for a month or more, you are expelled from the program and cannot return. You get to keep the training materials you have received but will not be able to be certified or receive any further live training. And there will be no refund of tuition paid.
  • Anyone who still owes money at the end of the training will not receive certification and will be unable to attend graduation.


If you cancel your training within 30 days of signing up, you are entitled to a complete refund. After that, it is nonrefundable, regardless of any reason, including if you decide to quit. After the 30 days, regardless of the reason, you will continue to have access to the courses that were included with the training as well as access to the software for one year.

What’s Included in your Training

  • The training is 10 months in length, with a graduation ceremony the following September for all who wish to attend.
  • Lifetime access to the three training courses
  • One year’s access to the online software
  • Monthly meetings on Zoom with Robert Lee Camp teaching on related topics and the opportunity to share and ask questions at each. These are recorded and can be watched as often as you like afterward.
  • Personal and group meetings with your mentor every two weeks and sometimes every week when needed.
  • A Graduation Certificate upon completing all the requirements.
  • Access to the online portal for this training where you can share with other students, ask questions, get the latest announcements, and download certain files related to your training, such as recordings of the monthly classes. This is private forum group hosted on 7thunders.com.

If you have already purchased any of the courses

If you had already purchased any of the required courses, you get a credit of 50% of what you paid, towards purchasing other courses on 7thunders.com.

Meetings with your Mentor

Your mentor is someone who has completed this same training and graduated. They are chosen for you considering how the two of you connect, card-wise and other factors. They are being overseen and guided by Robert Lee Camp, who meets with them on a regular basis to discuss your progress. Your mentor will assign a day for his or her regular office hours and a time in which you can meet. It is recommended to meet every two weeks but meeting every week when needed is allowed. Meetings are via Zoom.

Other Important Terms and Conditions

  • You will not use this group to solicit goods or services to other members.
  • You will not bring in card-teachings from other card teachers into this group.
  • You will not use this group to share political, religious or any other morality-based points of view.
  • If you have any issues with any part of the training, you will take it up with your mentor first and if you are not satisfied, with Robert Lee Camp. If you bring your complaints into the group itself in any way, you will be expelled and will not receive any refund.

Qualifications for Graduation and Certification

To receive certification at the end of this training, you must complete the following

  • Studied the three online courses, in order and
  • Completed the three written tests associated with each course, having each of your tests reviewed by your mentor with you personally.
  • Complete a reading with a real client, guided and overseen by your mentor, and reviewed by your mentor.
  • Complete a second, less scrutinized reading, discussed with your mentor.

Graduation Ceremony

There will be a gathering and graduation ceremony in September of the following year which you can choose to attend. It is not required. The gathering will be held somewhere in the Asheville, NC area and will be two days in length, with some special classes, get togethers and the graduation ceremony.

Unanswered Questions?

If anything here brought up questions, please email Robert (robertleecamp@gmail.com)



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