The Lunar Nodes and Chiron – Mysteries of the Zodiac


The North and South Nodes, also referred to Rahu and Ketu, or the Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail, are pivotal points in one’s chart. In my own experience, for at least 70% of my clients, these points are the core of their readings, the information that changes lives. Understanding your Lunar Nodes could change your life too. They usually represent the single most important soul lesson we are here to learn.

Then, there is Chiron. Chiron is largely misunderstood, due to much misinformation published about it when it was first discovered. Everyone running around trying to interpret it as the ‘wounded healer’ are truly missing it’s entire message. In this class I will remove all doubts about Chiron’s true meaning and how it often reveals key information that is found no where else in one’s chart.