Your Year of the Mystic Triangle

The Year of the Mystic Triangle initiates the most important nine years of life. It begins with a year, called the year of the Mystic Triangle, where a life changing decision is made, often one that causes us to embark on something entirely new. It proceeds to the Ascent to the Pinnacle, the Pinnacle Year and the Most Blessed Year. This extremely important cycle affects nearly all cards at certain times.

In this seminar hear Robert explain exactly how it works and when it will occur to you and everyone you meet. Also, watch as Robert performs personal readings and answers questions from the 20 participants.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to determine the timing of this important cycle for any birthday.
  • How you or someone you know can take full advantage of this fortunate cycle in life.
  • How to best apply the knowledge of these key years and the entire cycle in whole.
  • The deeper meanings of the the 4 Key Points in this cycle: Mystic Triangle, Ascent to the Pinnacle, Pinnacle and Most Blessed Years.


  • 3 Hours of Video Instruction
  • PDF handouts

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The Mystic Triangle