Having a good, great or fantastic relationship is one of the key foundations of life. Though not all require it, most must find their perfect partner, in order to give structure and meaning to their life. If you are someone who is still searching, wondering, experimenting and are still not completely fulfilled, this course is designed to lead you to the understanding and realization of your dream of a perfect mate.

Finding Your Perfect Relationship Course $179.95
2 Hours, 37 minutes recorded instruction

Below are the various segments of this course and their times on the timeline of the 2 hour, 37 minute course:
Begin Time    Topic Covered

5:30 Part 1 – What is Your Perfect Relationship?
15:30 Part 2 – What Your Cards Can Tell You about Your Perfect Relationship (part one)
38:00 Part 3 – What Your Cards Can Tell You about Your Perfect Relationship (part two of this topic)
1:04:50 Part 4 – The List Technique for Attracting the Perfect Mate
1:12:20 Part 5 – The Unmarriageables, and if you are one of them!
1:16:50 Part 6 – How Relationship Connections are Derived
1:24:30 Part 7 – Life Verses Spiritual Connections Explained
1:31:30 Part 8 – The Most Important Connection of All, the Sun/Moon Connection
1:45:25 Part 9 – The Most Desirable Connections for a Perfect Relationship
2:00:40 Part 10 – The Least Desirable Connections for a Perfect Relationship
2:12:10 Part 11 – Celebrity Examples
2:33:50 Extra – Why You Should be Using the Love Cards Software