A Live, Online Class with Robert Lee CampPlanetary Ruling Cards
Saturday, July 6th, 2019 Noon to 4:00 Eastern

Why is it that people born on the same day can have such different lives?
What are the secrets that astrology can reveal that the cards can’t?
What are my strongest good Karma planets and what do they tell me?
Where can I find the indicators of my challenging Karma?
What is my Karma in the area of relationships, money, business, fame, health and spirituality?
Was my last lifetime significant and if so, how does it affect me now?
What do retrograde planets in my chart mean?

These and many other questions will be answered as Robert Lee Camp looks at your chart and the charts of others in the class. You will be able to interact, share and ask questions as Robert explains where to look and what to look for in an astrological natal chart to reveal it’s hidden secrets. Not only will you learn about your own natal chart, but you will also learn a lot of natal chart astrology as Robert directs his attention to each person’s chart and questions. This will be a huge learning opportunity!

This class is limited to 20 people on a first come basis. You will be able to access this class using either your computer, pad or smartphone. It will be live and recorded, but only for the benefit of those attending the class. Video of you will not be seen by others and the recording only made available to class participants.

NOTE: It is a requirement that you know enough astrology that you understand the terminology and the various part of the chart. If you are a beginner in astrology, you should take the Fundamentals of Astrology class prior to this class. We will not take class time to teach you the basic terms and structure of astrology.

Registration is Non-Refundable, unless for some reason the class is cancelled by the host.

Four Hour Live Online Class with Robert Lee Camp, recorded $99.95