Visions Contents

Visions I Table of Contents

The Two Wings of Spiritual Success – Effort and Grace
The Decision Reading
The Mystery of the 8 of Clubs Woman
What is Astrology?
The Mystical Qualities of the Sevens and Nines
About the Atlantean Oracle
New Forms of Relationship in the coming Age of Aquarius
Planetary Aspects
Our Bond of Commitment
Will You Make It?
The Kingdom of Heaven is Within
Your Astrological Destiny
Karma- The Sacred Law
The H.I.V. Blessing
Astrological Indications of our Times

Visions II Table of Contents

Section One – Further Studies on the Cards of Your Destiny & Astrology

The Little Book of the Seven Thunders
Planetary Aspects
The Card Suits – The Evolution of the Soul & Personality
More on Solar Values & Relationships
Accessing the Highest Potential of Our Birth Card
The Planetary Ruling Card in your Life Spread
The Grand Law of Karma
Your Life Path Cards and the Law of Karma
Further Explorations into the Mysteries of the Karma Cards
How to Get the Most out of your Weekly Readings
More about the Weekly Reading
Learning to Speak “The Language of the Cards”
The King of Spades, the card of Mastery and Power
The Queens & Their Four Priceless Gifts
New Meanings for the Sixes
The Ace of Hearts and the Search for Self
Scanning a Reading for certain types of Information
Our Pluto and Result Cards
Our Sun and Moon Cards
The Saturn Pluto Crucifixion
Neptune – The God of Highest Intentions and Greatest Fantasy
About the Elements

Section Two – Reflections on Relationship

Why we are Attracted to Certain People
The Indicators of Marriage
The Marriage ability of the Cards
Fear – the Hidden Destroyer of Relationships
New Forms of Relationships in the coming Age of Aquarius
Relationships in the New Age

Section Three – Personal Growth and Development

How to Eliminate 80% of Your Personal Problems
Personal Power
The Dynamics of Power
The Use and Abuse of Power
Staying in the Cosmic Flow
Free Energy
The Power of Attention
Consciously Choosing our Work
The Struggle Factor
Anger, Bad Medicine
No one gets out of here alive!
The Secret of Timing
Taking out the Trash
The Laws of Prosperity, Part I
The Laws of Prosperity, Part II – Self Worth
The Power of Love

Section Four – Reflections on Current Events

Community or Communism?
Secrets of David Koresh
Bill and Hillary Clinton Exposed

Visions III Table of Contents

The 2 of Spades – The Card of the Aquarian Age
The Saga of O.J. Simpson
Five- The Number of Man
Life is an Experience
Age 52 – the Critical Year
When will You Reach Your “Pinnacle Years” ?
My Personal Experience of the 5 of Clubs Long Range Card
From Watergate to Whitewater
Age 52 – The Critical Year, Part II
Moon Card Friendships
The Pinnacle Years, Part Two – The Six Year Cycle
The 9 of Hearts and 7 of Diamonds – Inseparable Partners
Are you in a Spiritual or Material Cycle right now?
What is Astrology?
The Way of Saturn
The Ace of Spades & the Hidden Truth, Part I
Random Acts of Kindness
Lessons on Astrology, Part One
The Ace of Spades & the Hidden Truth, Part 2
Life is Not Perfect and Truth is Relative
What is Responsibility?
Lessons in Astrology – The Importance of the Moon
The Ace of Spades & the Hidden Truth, Part 3
The Evolution of the Soul as Seen in the Cards
Newt Gingrich, King of Clubs
Lessons in Astrology – Mercury and our Mind Potential
Why Are We So Afraid of Nines?
Trusting Myself
Legal Eagles – the Attorneys in the O.J. Simpson Trial
The Cards for Moves and Transitions
Using the Cards to Make Common Relationship Choices
Consciously Creating Your Next Year on Your Birthday
Women Who Would Be Kings
The Joker – Karma Chameleon
Our Personal Daily and Weekly Cards
Following Jupiter’s Path to Prosperity and Success
Struggle ans Success
Uncovering Common Mis-Beliefs about Our Life
The Battles of Life and the Way of the Warrior
Choosing the Best Occupation
Fear – The Healer
Facing Fears
The Seven Stages of Life
Of Real and Lasting Value
The Truth is What is Happening
The Three of Hearts Uncertainty
Questions Answered

Visions IV Table of Contents

The Highly Principled 8 of Clubs
Using our Planetary Ruling Cards for Relationship Readings
Our Sphere of Influence
Our Personal Planetary Days
What’s in a name? Plenty! 1
The Sun-Moon Connection and Marriage
What it Really Takes for Us to Change, Transform and Evolve
From Life To Life
Secrets of the Mystic Triangle
Clinton and Gore – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing
The Ace of Diamonds Paradox
More Understanding About our Karma Cards
Our Dharma Cards
Our Decanate Ruling Cards
William Gates – the Richest Man in America
The Powerful Three of Hearts
The Powerful Nine of Spades
Beyond the Earth-bound Numbers – The Sixes through Tens
My Techniques For Quick Relationship Readings
Notes Along The Spiritual Path
George Carlin – Seven of Diamonds
Exploring Your Seven-Year Spreads
The Unique Ability of Nines
Pain and Unhappiness – the Inside Story
The Six of Diamonds Missionary
The Cards Verses Our Personal Power
The Cards of Moves and Changes
Occupational Cards
The Lonely Princess
How we decided when and where to move
Age 44, The Solar Nine Year
Who is Helping Who? Making our Relationships on Purpose
What is Free?
The Evolution of Numbers Odds and Evens
Scorpio Secrets that can teach us all
Self-mastery – the Highest Accomplishment
The Problem with Beliefs (and how to fix it!)
Using the Love Cards book to do Business Relationship Readings
The Law of Intention
The Credit Deception
Amazing Books
The Card Patterns of our Life
Behind Every Card is a Person
Your Significant Other
The Age of Light
More Amazing Books
A New Take On Card Meanings
The Personal Perspective
Your Vertical Long Range Card
Reality and Faith
Energy – the Heart of the Matter
The Law of Attraction
The Ambiguous Six of Clubs
The End of an Age
Finding the Perfect Love
The Cards and Astrology

Visions Volume V Contents

From the January, 1999 Newsletter

Diamonds = Values = Prosperity
The Open Heart
How the Daily and Weekly Cards are Computed
New Year’s Astrological Update

From the March, 1999 Newsletter

Age 45 – The Divine Mirror Year
The Jupiter Period of Life, Ages 39 – 52
Our Inner Worth

From the May, 1999 Newsletter

Doing Great Readings
Separating the Truth From Fiction
Finding the Long Range Cards for your Weekly Spreads
Saturn’s Beautiful Gift
The Mirror

From the July, 1999 Newsletter

The Life and Trials of the 4 of Diamonds
Avoidance = Perpetuating – Embracing the Divine Uncertainty
Pisces is Dead! Long Live Aquarius!
What Happens After We Survive Y2K?
Growing a Business
The Pluto and Result Cards in depth – Either / Or
Astrological Update

From the September, 1999 Newsletter

Displacement Card Relationships
A New Look at the Cosmic Reward Card, Karma and the Kennedys
Questions and Answers
Astrological Update

From the November, 1999 Newsletter

Our Underlying Cards Each Year
Secrets of the Planetary Ruling Card
People are Dying All Over

From the January, 2000 Newsletter

The Five Jacks – The Masters of Illusion
Doing predictions for celebrities and others
The Fives – Contrived Freedom
New Year’s Astrological Update

From the March, 2000 Newsletter

Using Card Synchronization to pinpoint specific dates of events
The Rebirth Cycle – Ages 44 – 46 “Looking in the Mirror”
Transcending our Cards
Astrological Perspectives

From the May, 2000 Newsletter

The 2© and the Illusion of Love
The Death Cards
Greed is Poverty Consciousness in Action
Romancing the Cards
A New Look at the Weekly Reading

From the July, 2000 Newsletter

July 20th, 2000, A Perfect Day?
The Presidential Elections – Who do you think will win?
The Super Cards and other interesting tidbits
The Truth of the Now

From the September, 2000 Newsletter

Success and How to Achieve It!
The Solution Reading
The Power of Important Choices
Questions and Answers

From the November, 2000 Newsletter

The Powerful and Determined 8 of Clubs
The Most Expensive Sin
Following the Underlying Cards Each Year

From the January, 2001 Newsletter

To the Heart of the Matter – What This System Is All About
The Responsible Sixes
The Nines – Death? or Spiritual Transformation
Questions and Answers

Visions Volume VI Contents

From the March, 2001 Newsletter

The 6 of Spades and 9 of Spades- Pay Heed to these Cards!
The Limits of Knowledge
Reading the Joker
Questions and Answers

From the May, 2001 Newsletter

The Wish-Fulfilling Card
Around and Around -Exploring our Personal 45 Spreads
My Favorite Celebrity Birthday Sites

From the July, 2001 Newsletter

52 Cards will Tell You The Truth!
Choices, Choices
The Six of Hearts
The Power of the Open Heart

From the September, 2001 Newsletter

Testing the Cards
Exploring the Planetary Ruling Cards
The Limits of Knowledge
Astrological Update

From the November, 2001 Newsletter

The Most Powerful Suit
Patterns in the Life Spreads
The Way of Love
Some Special Relationships
Astrological Update – the Crisis

From the January, 2002 Newsletter

Planning with the Cards
I Create
The Queen of Hearts
Astrological Update with Theresa Green

From the March, 2002 Newsletter

Using Your Card Knowledge to Make Money
Your Children In The Cards
Having a Conscious Birthday

From the May, 2002 Newsletter

Your Personal Guide to Choosing
Your Next Relationship –Using the Cards
A Blessed Day, July 13, 2002
Another Terrorist Attack? An Astrological Perspective
My Personal Journey – Part One

From the July, 2002 Newsletter

The End of a Cycle
Other Rulers and Ruling Cards
Feeling What We Feel
My Personal Journey – Part Two

From the September, 2002 Newsletter

Higher Love – Understanding the Jack of Hearts
The Fear of God Cards
Your Planetary Day Card
Relationships Are Hard To Do

From the November, 2002 Newsletter

Advanced Relationship Techniques
Truths to Live By

From the December, 2002 Newsletter

The Return of the Angry Planet
Celebrities Through the Cards – Halle Berry

From the January, 2003 Newsletter

From The Mystic Test Book –Part One
More About the Upcoming Mars Opposition
Are You Prepared for World War Three?
The Magic in Your First Karma Card

From the March, 2003 Newsletter

Star Card Couples Ben Afflect and Jennifer Lopez
The Deeper Meaning of Seven and Nines 113
Using Your Life Spread Cards in Yearly readings
The Karma Card Yearly Spreads
and the Space Shuttle Astronauts

From the May, 2003 Newsletter

Update- Cards, Wars, and SARS
Celebrity Profiles: Aaliyah
Secretary of Defense – Donald Rumsfeld
Whitney Houston
The Importance of the Sun / Moon Relationship

Visions Volume VII Contents

From the July, 2003 Newsletter

The Lord of Your Chart
Finding the Perfect Partner with the Cards
Celebrity Profiles
The Card of Where You Live
Information and Our Connection to Source

From the September, 2003 Newsletter

There’s No Such Thing As a Bad Card
The Secrets in Your Life Spread
Finding the Perfect Partner Using Destiny
Cards – Self Love and the Cards
The Blame Game 20

From the November, 2003 Newsletter

Transcending Your Cards
The Charming Ace of Diamonds
A New Relationship Connection
Averting Disaster with the cards
Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman

From the January, 2004 Newsletter

Looking Into 2004
The Saturn Cards
Mastery of Fear – Part One
My Work

From the March, 2004 Newsletter

The Leo Thing
Mastery of Fear – Part Two
Abiding in the Source
A New Look at Yearly Spreads
A Deeper Look at Relationships

From the May, 2004 Newsletter

Celebrity Couple Shakedown
The Twelve Colors of Life
The Most Common Misconceptions
Between Wanting and Having
World News Update

From the July, 2004 Newsletter

Celebrity Couple Update
The Magical Cards in Your Yearly Spreads
The Results are Consistent with Me
The Money Cards

From the September, 2004 Newsletter

Unsolved Card Mysteries
The Thing About Aces
Why a Fellowship?
The Escape From Being
Presidential Election Update

From the November, 2004 Newsletter

Presidential Election Update
Choosing Your Relationships
Legally Speaking

From the December, 2004 Newsletter

Your 2005 Astrological Outlook
Letters and Testimonials

From the January, 2005 Newsletter

The Current Age of Darkness
The Karma Cards In-Depth
The Earthquake Card

From the March, 2005 Newsletter

Good Judgment
The Highest Path and the Ace of Spades
A Missing Card Link
Do No Harm

From the May, 2005 Newsletter

Planetary Gemology
A Card is a Card
Astrological Myths

From the July, 2005 Newsletter

The Effects of Culture
The Queen of Diamonds and 3 of Clubs
Uranus and Relationships
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Visions Volume VIII Contents

From the September, 2005 Newsletter

The Pluto Gateway
Our Peephole into Reality
Reflections on the Critical Year

From the November, 2005 Newsletter

Making Accurate Predictions
Liar Liar
The Price of Gas and Gold

From the January, 2006 Newsletter

The Crown Line
Transcending Your Cards
Vedic Astrology and 2005 and 2006

From the March, 2006 Newsletter

Star Gazing
The Hidden Cards in Your Yearly Spreads
From Wanting to Having
The Mysterious Ace of Spades

From the May, 2006 Newsletter

The Cards of Spiritual Growth
Your Intra-Day Planetary Periods
Donald Rumsfeld

From the July, 2006 Newsletter

Understanding the Sevens
Hidden Treasure in Your Relationships
Being Intentional
Divine Timing and Dreams

From the September, 2006 Newsletter

If I Were King
The Fours and Their Struggles
Celebrity Update

From the November, 2006 Newsletter

Mel Gibson, the One-Eyed Jack
Born Around Midnight?
The Card Archetypes
The Life That We Make

From the January, 2007 Newsletter

Living Large or Small
Lindsay Lohan
Our Galactic Cards
2007 Astrological Predictions

From the March, 2007 Newsletter

Being a Spiritual Warrior?
More on Relationship Connections
Becoming a great Card Reader
Celebrity Update

From the May, 2007 Newsletter

About the Nines
Your Displacement Card
The Cards of Cho Seung-Hui
Mass Disasters and Personal Power

From the July, 2007 Newsletter

The Power of Choice
The Power of the Daily Cards
The Four of Spades Home Card

Visions Volume IX Contents

From the September 2007 Newsletter

Star Cards – Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson
People I know
Personal Experiences from a 10 of Spades
Health Secrets that have Changed my Life Spread

From the November 2007 Newsletter

All About Your Planetary Ruling Card
The Magic in Numbers
Star Cards – Britney Spears
The Thing About the Cards

From the January 2008 Newsletter

Global Warming and the Mayan Calendar
The Importance of Satsang
Mission Impossible
Jessica Alba and Cash Warren
2008 Astrology Report

From the March 2008 Newsletter

52 Cards will tell you the Truth!
A Closer Look at the current Presidential Race
Amazing Card Stories
Sixes and Responsibility

From the May 2008 Newsletter

The Way of the Spiritual Warrior
Exploring Your Life Spread Cards – Part One

From the July 2008 Newsletter

When you find your Life Spread Cards in Your Yearly Spreads
Exploring Your Life Spread Cards – Part Two
The Days of the Week are my Friends
9 of Spades – Becoming Present

From the September 2008 Newsletter

Your Decanate Ruling Card – Revisited
Presidential Election Update
The Mystic Story of Atlantis
Star Cards – Rebecca Romjin and Jerry O’Connell

From the November 2008 Newsletter

The Venus Saturn Connection
Star Cards – Jennifer Anniston and John Clayton Mayer
Better that Fine
Looking Deeper Into the Card Connections in Our Relationships

From the January 2009 Newsletter

Global Warming Debunked!
Having the Perfect Relationship
The Power of the Unconscious
2009 – the Year of ?
The Ace of Spades

From the March 2009 Newsletter

Our Life Stories
Dreams and Nightmares
The Neptune Cards

From the May 2009 Newsletter

Following Saturn’s Journey Though our Natal Charts
Our Peephole into Reality
Taking the Judgment out of Who We Are

From the July 2009 Newsletter

Using the Cards for Business and Personal Planning
The World of Forms and the Key to Everything
About Chiron and Your Chiron Card – Part One