The Order of the Magi on Terra

7 Thunders

With its origin over 20,000 years ago in the early days of Atlantis, The Order of the Magi is probably one of the oldest spiritual organizations that has ever existed. No one knows the exact origin of the group, but evidence shows that they have maintained and preserved some of our most valuable and important spiritual sciences. These are the Magi of ancient Egypt and before, those who study the laws of nature and our cosmos, those who know the secrets of our planet as no others do and those who are dedicated to the preservation and sharing of these ancient truths. It has been said that the wise men and prophets written about in the Bible were among its members, even that Jesus himself was one of their ordained and trained leaders. And it is only now that the world is ready for the information that has been kept completely secret for thousands of years. It was in 1894 that the very first book was made public that revealed some of their astounding information.

The Ace of Spades has always been the symbol for this ancient group and that is why, to this day, the Ace of Spades always appears larger in decks of cards throughout the world. The Ace of Spades represents the secrets that lie behind what appears to be the truth. It represents the veil that separates the material and spiritual worlds and the power that we have to make a personal transformation to a higher level of consciousness.

Olney Richmond, the Grand Master

It was Olney Richmond, a homeopathic pharmacist and world renowned checker player who was chosen to bring the Science of the Cards to the attention of the world. Contacted mysteriously during the civil war, he studied for over 25 years before making any of his knowledge public. He established a temple, first in Grand Rapids, Michigan and later in Chicago, devoted to the Religion of the Stars. All of his work was based upon the numerics of our calendar and though he performed supposed miracles for many reporters who came to interview him, all of his work could be proven by mathematical formula and testing. He actually corrected tables published tables on the movement of the planet Neptune by the use of playing cards and the mathematics behind them.

Edith Randall and Florence Campbell

After Olney Richmond passed away in 1920, his daughter, Arline Richmond, carried on his work. Among her students were two ladies, Florence Campbell and Edith Randall, who later published their own book called Sacred Symbols of the Ancients. This book is still available and is the first to illuminate the personality traits of the 52 Birth Cards. Though they never talked much about the Order, their work served to spread the knowledge of this wonderful system with many around the world.

Arnie Lein

One of Edith Randall’s students was named Arnie Lein. After studying the cards for over 20 years and becoming a well known reader in Hollywood circles, Arnie published his own book, What’s Your Card?, which is currently out of print. He taught many students in the Los Angeles area as well as Edith Randall and Florence Campbell and there are many readers in that area that have been using this system for years.

Robert Lee Camp

Robert Lee Camp had the good fortune to meet Arnie Lein in 1988 just before his death. He was a professional astrologer and had already been studying the system when Arnie introduced him to the predictive aspects of the Science of the Cards. Robert immediately recognized the value of this system and soon committed himself to bringing it to the attention of the world. His first book, The Atlantean Oracle was his beginning. It was republished and rewrote under the title The Cards of Your Destiny and has become the most important tool for bringing this system to the attention of the world. His current books, the most updated and complete of all, are Destiny Cards and Love Cards.

Robert had earlier spent ten years of his life in a Yoga ashram (school) living a monastic life and studying spiritual principles. He never realized that this system had a basis in a spiritual fellowship until 1991 when he was led to the discovery of The Order of the Magi located in Paradise, CA. After traveling up to see the people in the Order a couple of times and learning all about them and their history, he was initiated as a Grand Master by Frank Koenig, an original member who was himself initiated in 1939 by the same group that Olney Richmond started in Chicago. Robert’s intiation, which took place on May 26, 1991, charged him with the responsibility for carrying on some of the Magi’s work and it is to these goals that he has dedicated himself ever since.