After the Reading

Doing readings for yourself and others  is the number one way to increase your understanding of the cards and your ability to interpret and apply them to real life situations. Hearing real-life situations, meeting and getting to know people and their cards gives you first hand experience, which is far superior to just card knowledge. And, the clients you attract to you will always be perfect to further your education, as you are the perfect reader for them to help with their issues. It is a win-win situation! No one knows the cards better than those who truly apply themselves to doing readings for others. If you have followed all the steps so far, there is no way you can fail. This lesson, however, is more about your education than helping your client. Your reading is complete, at least as far as the contribution you are making to their life. Congratulations! Now it is time to ask them to help you, by giving you feedback.

Your client’s feedback is for most readers a scary proposition. What if they tell you that you suck as a reader? A true reader will always want feedback from his or her clients. The reader who does not ask for feedback is either insecure or arrogant and stagnated. To keep this science alive in your life you must have the attitude that there is always more to learn. And each new client is a new opportunity to learn. And the learning will not be only about the cards, but about you and how well you can deliver what you know to others in a way that can make a difference. So, you need their feedback. At the very least, you can ask your client, at the conclusion of the reading, “Was this helpful for you?” That would be the minimum.

I have included a reading feedback form for you on page 151 of The Art of Performing Transformational Card Readings. This feedback form is meant to be a guide. It may be a little too long for most clients to fill out. It is only as a favor to you that they would do this anyway. Make sure you present whatever feedback form you use to them by asking it as a favor, such as “I would really like your feedback on my reading. Would you mind taking a couple of minutes to fill this out?” Perhaps they are there anyway, in your office, waiting for you to burn their CD of their reading. A feedback form should take 5 minutes or less time for them to complete.

Adding Value to a Reading by How You Finish It

Some would say that how we end something is just as important as how we begin it. In other words, last impressions may be lasting impressions. To this end, here are a few ideas of things you can do to add some value to the reading you gave to your client.

  1. Give them a report from either the Book of Destiny or Love Cards Reporter software programs. Include this at no additional cost. You could even give them one of each!
  2. Write up something about their reading, something you would like them to know, and to read about afterward. You could create a document entitled, ‘How to get the most out of this reading’ or something along those lines. I often give my clients special instructions. For example I often tell them, “Wait one week before you listen to the recording of this reading. You will hear many new things you actually missed during our time together. It will be like getting a second reading.”
  3. Give them a small stack of your business cards.
  4. Give them a discount coupon for a next reading, some other product you sell, or a discounted coupon they can share with a friend.
  5. Give them a catalog or brochure of the other products and services you offer.
  6. Ask them to stay in touch and let you know how they are progressing.

I am sure that you may be able to come up with some even better ideas. The basic idea here is to give them something extra, to leave a lasting impression that reflects your commitment to serving them, and others. If you are successful, and if the reading you gave really made a difference in their life, you could get many, many clients from just one. I have had clients refer me to as many as 7 or 8 friends and associates. That’s 8 or 9 readings from one client! It does and will happen.

Congratulations, %%FIRST_NAME%%. You have just completed this course! Now, the remainder of the Magi Fellowship discussions will be sent to you on the final lesson page in a day or so. As of this writing, this discussion is only about half way through the deck. Every month there will be another discussion added, until all the cards are complete.

Reading Feedback from me, Robert Lee Camp

Some of you have ordered a reading feedback with me. If so, and if you are ready to do this, email me at to get this process started. We will have a short discussion before you do the reading and one after. But once you contact me, I will tell you exactly what to do. Make sure you contact me BEFORE you have performed the reading in question, if you want to get the most out of it.

If you didn’t order it yet but want to now, here is the page where you can order it:

I look forward to hearing from you!

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