How this Site and the Course and Products Work
– Terms and Conditions

This site presents an entirely new way for you to learn about the Science of the Cards. This page is meant to help you understand exactly how it works and the various rules that apply to using it. The act of purchasing a course or product on this site means that you are agreeing to the terms and it’s particular delivery and access methods. Please read carefully so that you know what exactly you are purchasing.

Instant Courses and  Courses in Stages

Mostly this site is about the courses offered here. Each course can be either an immediate delivery or delivery in stages. Most of the course have a staged delivery so that you can integrate each lesson before progressing to the next. For example, The Art of Transformational Card Readings course has a 3-day delay between lessons. With 11 lessons total, the course will take 33 days to complete. Once you complete the course, you have access to all the lessons at any time you like.

Course Access after Completion

Most courses will be available for access for 6 months (180 days). Some will have a full year (365 days).  After that time  your access will end. If you need to access them again after your access time has expired, you will be able to renew your access for an additional term for a nominal fee, usually 10% or 15% of the original price.

Course Copy Protection

Access to the courses you have purchased is only meant to be accessed by you, from your computer. We keep a record of your IP address. If someone tries to access your course from another computer, you may be locked out of that course. If you have a need to travel, perhaps using a laptop or if you physically move, let us know and we will make sure your access is uninterrupted. If you find that you are locked out of a course and don’t know why, please send an email to and let us know what happened. We can usually restore your access within an hour or so. However, giving others access to your course may result in your being denied access altogether. And no refunds are given in this case of abuse of the access rights. Do not share access to your course with others.

Tiered Forum Access

The bulk of our forums are specially related to the courses you are taking. If you enroll in the Intermediate Training, for example, you will be automatically be give access to the Intermediate Level forum. However, our forums are tiered. What this means is that when you enroll in higher level courses, you get access to it’s forum and the forums under it. If you enroll in the Art of Transformational Card Readings course, you would have access to all the Forums since this is our highest level course.

Digital and Physical Products

Some of our courses include digital content. This is usually audio or video. Audio files, generally MP3s, can be downloaded and saved to your computer. However, we do not allow download of video files. These remain on our protected server. Your purchasing the access to a forum gives you just that, access to view and read. There are some down-loadable content files that go with certain courses but these will not be video files, just audio, PDF documents and graphic illustrations.

We do sell some physical products and some of our courses include physical books which will be mailed to you through the postal system. Any course that has a physical product will also have a shipping fee, but only for that book or whatever.

Some of the books you can purchase on this site are meant for viewing rights only. you are not able to download or print these books. And they have a specified access time limit, just like the courses. All this will be specified when you order the course.