Love Cards Reporter 6.0 (Mac and PC)




New! For Macs and PCs

Not for IPhones or IPads

Now you can have our newest version of our Love Cards reporting software, version 6.0. This program will run on both PC and Mac computers. It has all the features of the previous 5.0 version plus these new features:

New Features

  • Resizable and customizable screens
  • Shows compatibility Indexes (Attraction, Harmony and Intensity) and reports on them too.
  • Shows Marriage-ability of the individuals in the relationship
  • When reading interpretations of connections, offers additional, in-depth information about each connection.
  • Updated connection search criteria that gives, different but more accurate relationship readings and reports
  • Does more card comparisons than previous versions and allows you complete control over which cards to compare for readings
  • Rates connections’ power
  • Can use the Book of Destiny 6.0 Reader Edition database, if you have already purchased it
  • Allows fine tuning and editing of compatibility Indexes and Marriage-ability factors
  • Over ten video tutorials for every page of the program, guiding you through everything you need to know to use every facet of the program
  • View Magic Circle and Life and Spiritual Spreads with explanations
  • Detailed installation instruction video for both Mac and PC

Basic Features

  • Creates three different kinds of relationship reports; Intimate, Friends and Family and Business Associates
  • Is way more accurate than the Love Cards book
  • Has in-depth interpretations of each connection, along with affirmations for each that suggest how to get the most out of the relationship
  • Utilizes Birth Cards, Planetary Ruling Cards and Decanate Ruling Cards
  • Unlimited client database with easy search feature
  • User customizable report footers
  • reports can be printed to printer or to PDF (if you have a PDF writer installed on your computer)
  • One time purchase and no monthly fees
  • can be installed on two computers, either one Mac and one PC or two of one of them.

Note: Those who have purchased the Love Cards Reporter 5.0 after 5/1/2020 (new, not upgrade) get a special discount if they decide to purchase this new version. Just email with your date of purchase and he will send you a special coupon code. Those who have purchased any prior version of Love Cards Reporter (3.0 – 5.0) get a $50 off coupon. Just ask.

Report Samples:

Intimate Relationship Report

Keep in mind that there are two other relationship reports, one for friends and family, and one for business associates

FindLove Report

Connection List Report