Book of Destiny 6.0 Reader Edition (PC and Mac!)




This is our latest software, which runs on PCs and Mac computers, or Pads. It will not work on phones because the screen is very large and has a lot of content. This program is the first of this new series and is designed for those who do readings. Your license allows you to have this on two computers and one can be PC and one Mac or whatever combination you prefer.

Existing Book of Destiny desktop software users. You can get a $50 discount coupon for this program. Just email to request it.

NOTE: THIS PROGRAM DOES NOT CREATE THE INTERPRETED YEARLY AND OTHER TIME BASED REPORTS THAT OUR PREVIOUS SOFTWARE DOES (the ones that you can sell to others). The only reports it creates are called Linear Spread reports, that are reference pages for those doing readings (see images below). However, this program has many new features, listed below, which are not found in previous versions of our software:

New and Advanced Features

  • Access to all of the card interpretations in Robert’s books, Cards of Your Destiny, Exploring the Little Book of the Seven Thunders, and Cartas Espiritus, all with the click of a button.
  • See all the Advanced Cards and new cards based on Robert’s latest research: Moon, Cosmic Lesson, Cosmic Moon, Transformed Self and the  new Law of Fives cards and Planetary Environment and Displacement cards. These cards give you a much greater, in-depth look at any time period in a person’s life, often revealing information that is invaluable and not available in the basic cards that are in the book.
  • Instantly switch between the normal spreads and advanced spreads and choose whatever signficators you want to explore.
  • New interpretations for first and second karma cards, the Planetary Environment and Displacement cards, and the other advanced cards listed above.
  • The Study feature that gives you instant access to the interpretation of any card, in any position, and the interpretations in the Little Book and Cartas Espiritus. These same interpretations are available when you click on any card you see.(see screen shots)
  • The Aware feature searches for 25 Auspicious Events for any person, any year and reports on them so that you do not forget them while doing a reading.
  • The Search feature allows you to search for any card, for any position or all positions, for any number of years (Up to 100). The program will locate them and tell you when they appear and where in the spreads.
    • Nine Instructional Videos (over 90 minutes of instruction) on all the new cards (Law of Five and Planetary Environment and Displacement cards), features, how to install, and how to use all the features in the program. These are each like classes and they ensure that you understand everything you are working with. These can be accessed within the program.
    • Features
    • Installation Instructions
    • How to use the Program
    • How to Make Reports
    • Program Preference Settings
    • The New Cards
    • The Law of Five Cards
    • The Planetary Environment and Displacement Cards
    • Real Life Examples
  • The ability, on the Traditional Spreads page, to view two spreads at one time.
  • Two reports: the Linear Spreads report and the Advanced Linear Spreads report *see screenshots that show you all of anyone’s cards for any time period in their life.
  • The program screen is resizable to any size you like and the background color of the screens is completely customizable. You pick your favorite colors.

Regular Features

  • You can have the software on two of your computers. (software cannot be shared with someone else!)
  • Client database that holds unlimited number of people
  • Database can be searched by last name to quickly find someone.
  • Access to any time based spread, yearly, 7-year, weekly, Life, Spiritual, 7-week, etc.
  • Instantly go forward or backward in time to any date in a person’s life and see all their cards. Go back or ahead one period or one cycle, depending on which cycle you are viewing.
  • View the spreads for Birth Card, Planetary Ruling Card, Decanate (or any other) Ruling Card, Personality Cards and first and second Karma Cards
  • Click on any card to get its meaning.
  • Current time period, based upon the date you selected is always highlighted.
  • View the Grand Solar Spread for any spread that is being viewed on the other pages.
  • See all the Underlying Cards for any card displayed, which gives additional information about the particular card you are interested in.

Program Features Video