The Grand Solar Spread

Pictured below is the most important of all the Grand Solar Spreads called the Life Spread. The term, Grand Solar Spread refers to the arrangements of the cards in this fashion with seven rows and columns with the last three cards at the top. This Life Spread is the most important of the 90 Grand Solar Spreads because it indicates the lifetime influences present for each of the 52 Birth Cards.

Each of the rows and columns are governed by one of the seven planets. The order is Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The Three of Hearts pictured in the top right corner of the Life Spread is the Mercury/ Mercury card. The Queen of Hearts, at the bottom left, is the Neptune /Neptune Card. The cards at the top are not governed by the planetary energies as much. They only have the column planets. The top row is called the Crown Line. The people whose Birth Cards reside here are more independent in nature and many of them achieve fame and prominence over the course of their life.

You can look up your Birth Card and see which planetary energies are affecting you and that will tell you something about it, if you know a little about astrology. However, the full interpretation of anyone’s Birth Card will also include the meaning of the card’s number and suit, and the 10 cards found in their personal Life Spread. My book, Love Cards, gives complete descriptions of all of the Birth Cards using all those elements to bring out the key characteristics of each.