Some of the most important questions, when it comes to love.

When will I meet someone new? I am really attracted to someone. Will we ever be together? My partner left me. Will they ever come back? How will my current relationship do in the next few years? The answers to these questions are found in your cards! You just need to know what to look for, and how to access the information. In this 55 minute video course, Robert will lead you through all the steps to do a thorough search through your cards, and the cards of your ‘other’ to see what is most likely to transpire. These methods are easy to learn and implement. And whenever you meet someone new, you will know if there is a possibility of them in your future, or you in theirs. New loves, current loves and past loves. You can know what are the possibilities.

Finding Love and Relationships in Your Future 54 minute video instruction $119.95