Hi. The tapes arrived yesterday, thank you. I have read some of the literature you sent with the tapes, very interesting.. so, the 10C can be slippery or not a very nice person.. I was shocked to read that because I think I am perfect!! Joke. I think (hope) that I am operating on the higher level. I’m surprised you did business with me.. Or is it me that doesn’t trust you, which is another issue for a 10C, another joke. I have a good sense of humor. I am going to work on those areas that I am lacking…then, I’ll be perfect. I see also that my life’s lesson is 7H, overcoming fear. I do have a fear of death and I take it hard when someone I love dies (my dad and my 32-year old sister in 1996). My father died in England in July 96 and as I didn’t see him and he had his ashes scattered, so in my mind he just seemed to have disappeared, whereas I was with my sister the moment she died (of cancer) in December 96 and that was horrific for me. In the Army I believe I have confronted many of my fears but now I see I still have work to do. My fear of public speaking, my fear of the dark. Even though I have these fears I do try to rationalize them and overcome them.
I have known many 10C people over the course of my life and made many friends with that card. And some of them have really played out the low side of their Jack of Spades first karma card. But, at least in my experience, that is the exception, not the rule. But I do advise students of the cards to always be aware of that possibility. Usually I find that 10C who are spiritual tend to access the high side of that Jack, which is to become the spiritual initiate. All 10C can be playful like you, on account of that same Jack of Spades.
Birthday: 7/19/1957. I have a quick question…my Venus period for my 43rd year I have the Queen of Spades in the Direct line and the 5 of Hearts in the Vertical. Those cards are so hard to read for me. I’m not in any relationships now, not for almost a year, so I hope that isn’t a sign that I’m doomed yet again for another year without a relationship.
Those two cards certainly do not mean that you will be doomed for another year. However, there aren’t many other love cards in your yearly cards that I can see. Those cards could mean taking a trip somewhere with a dear friend or lover, or a move to a new apartment, etc. You might be lucky to not have any relationships right now. Perhaps you needed a break for a while. All I know is that everything happens when we are ready for it to.
As a newcomer to your system, I would like to tell you that I am totally fascinated with your system. In the meantime, I do have a question for you which is rather confusing to me, and that is my friend and I share the same birthday, so ultimately, we have the same birth and PRC card, however, I find that her life path and the destiny of her life is totally different from mine, and not to mention the events in our lives right now could not be more different. Please can you explain this to me and also be kind enough to share with me the knowledge of how to differentiate between 2 people who have the same birthday, but different karmas.
Each card, both as a Birth Card and as a card we may find in our yearly reading, does have some variation in how it can be expressed. Even though you and your friend share the same birthday there is enough possible range of expression that you two could appear to have different lives. However, I think you will find that if both of you read my book independently of each other, you will find that the cards described in there reflect accurately what is going on in your lives. One of the most important elements on how to interpret the cards is finding out who you are reading for. People experience the cards differently based upon how they approach life in general, their level of self-awareness and other factors. Before I read for anyone I always find out as much as I can about the general attitude and approach to life that the person has. This, combined with the cards in their spreads, will tell me what is happening now and what to expect in the future.
Is there any significance in two people having 10 cards the same in their Life Spreads? Actually, the cards are the same but under the influence of different planets.
This can occur between a number of cards. It will always occur between two cards which are situated closely to each other in the Grand Solar Spread. For example, anyone whose Birth Card is your Moon, Mercury or Venus Card in your Life Spread will share many of the same cards in their Life Spread, just offset by how far they are from your Birth Card. The bottom line is that it is a very good indication that you and this other person are sort of ‘part of the same family’ and are probably connected in some very important ways.
Could you please advise me as to whether I am correct in calculating the present yearly spread for the U.S. (JD)? I think the U.S. is currently in its 22 yearly spread. Yes or no? If not, then how should I have calculated it?
If you use the birthday of 7/4/1776 for the US, it is now 222 years old. Divide that by 90 (Quadrations) and the remainder is 42, which the age you look at for the yearly spread (90 times 2 = 180, 222 – 180 = 42). So, you can read the age 42 spread except for the Long Range Card, which comes from a different place.
I just recently read Love Cards and liked it very much. But I’m not quite sure which Birth Card my significant other is. He was born in Athens, Greece on June 29, 12:20 A.M. Does this mean his birth card is actually June 28. Athens Greece is 7 hours ahead of New York time…If you could help me clarify this, it would be much appreciated!
Your husband would still be an AC unless, and this is important, unless it was daylight savings time the year he was born. In that case he would be a 2C. The cards always use local time, not New York time, unless of course you were born in NY. To be completely correct about a person’s real birth time, you must convert the observed time at birth into true solar time, which is essentially sundial time. That requires adjusting for both daylight savings and for the distance of the birth place from the standard time meridian of the area of birth. This is discussed in our Advanced Oracle Workbook in the section about the Hour Cards.
The system scares me a times–what do you tell people who read stuff that worries them in the future?
I try to explain how everything has a happy outcome, unless we fight it. We always have a choice. Every card has a good side too. It is up to each of us to access the higher side of each card. Of course, Nines always mean endings and they cannot be stopped or changed. However, Nines only scare people who are completely unaware of what they love in life. Those who are in touch with themselves always know when something in their life has reached its end and no longer brings them any joy or value.
I’ve been studying the cards since 1980 when I had my first reading with Arne Lein. I was born 4/7/50 (AS) and I do a weekly reading every Sunday and am obsessed with the cards. Thank you for everything you’ve done to make reading the cards so easy! My Question – My boyfriend who is the 7D 7/8/52 just turned 47. In the “Destiny Cards” it says that his Pluto Card is the 6C, which is correct according to the patterns of the years from “The Sacred Symbols of the Ancients” by Randall & Campbell. Yet it also says that his Long Range Card is the 6C. Is this correct? How do you determine the Long Range card for each year?
Your boyfriend is correct. Since the Long Range cards come from a different spread than the rest of the cards in the yearly spread, it is possible for it to be the same card as any other in the yearly spread. I have seen many cases where the Long Range card is the same as the Jupiter, Venus, Pluto or Result cards. It would be too long an explanation to tell how the Long Range Cards are determined. However I do explain that thoroughly in The Advanced Oracle Workbook that we publish.
I am a 2D. I’ve been looking at the 6C card a lot lately, which is my first karma card, which if I’m correct is to whom I owe a debt. I figured if I found out what it is I owe, I would have a better understanding of what’s going on deep inside me. Does this make any sense? I would see a part of me that needs understanding and change. As I see it, it’s me taking responsibility for the things I say and promise. To bring it a little closer, it would be taking that responsibility and reflecting it back to myself, forcing me to see all there is without hiding from the parts I’m afraid of. I’ve discovered that I accept the parts of things that come to me that fit in nicely with what I know I want, ignoring those parts that would make me look at the truth in full, thereby having to realize that what is there is not what I really want.
The 6C is here as a reminder that our words are powerful. When we say something, it goes out from us with a force that will inevitably bring back to us the thing stated. Six always implies an awareness of the responsibility associated with its suit, in this case, Clubs, or communication – the Word. Everything you say, for good or bad, will be used to judge you, and this applies to all 2 of Diamonds people. As the first Karma Card it admonishes you to choose your words carefully and do not say anything that you do not fully intend to back up with actions. Any trivializing with your speech will bring negative consequences.
I purchased your book Love Cards recently and find it fascinating, I’m a 10C and have found it to be very accurate! I was amazed when I read it. A question for you. Since you consider the Planetary ruling card the second most important card after the birth card is it appropriate to include the life spread cards of the planetary ruling card as part of the reading?
We do not read the Life Spread of the Planetary Ruling Card. As you may have noticed, the Planetary Ruling Card comes from the Life Spread of the Birth Card. It is appropriate to read the entire chapter in Love Cards about the Planetary Ruling Card as if it were a Birth Card. So, for example, if your Birth Card was a 10C and your Planetary Ruling Card is the 8D, I recommend studying the descriptions of both those cards in the Love Cards book. Generally we do imitate many of the qualities of our Planetary Ruling Card, often exaggerating them to some degree.
I am a 10H born in Sept 27,1952. I perceived while studying the cards, that my Weekly Cards from February 10th to February 16th are exactly the same cards as I will have as my Yearly Cards next year. I looked back and I saw that this year that I am on, was the week of March 25th 2000 to March 31st 2000. Can you help me explaining how does it work? For me, this seems to be an important week for me, this next week, since I will be having a quick “preview” of my whole next year. Is this the way you see it? If so, do you believe that we can learn from the mistakes or questions of this week (it seems to be only one week in the entire year, every year, but how to find it easily?) to be more prepared and in Karma terms more “clean and organized ” for the next year?
As you have noticed, the Weekly Spreads are derived from the same Grand Solar Spreads as the Yearly, Seven-Year, etc. And so, there are times when all the spreads may sync up. As in your example, you have a weekly spread that matches your next year Yearly Spread. I have had this happen a few times. And you can have them match up with your current year too. I have watched to see if there is any significance and so far haven’t noticed any, at least none that I can detect through my personal experience. But perhaps you will see some correlations. If so, please share them with me.
In Love Cards it seems to tie the Saturn Card to the Cosmic Lesson card. For example my Cosmic Lesson card is 10d and Saturn Card Js. I must deal with the Js on a mundane level working on my creativity and self-honesty. As it applies to others then would be through my relationship to money. My interpretation is that greed is my cosmic lesson. My rationalization is the Js negative universal side applied to money would be the obsession with money and disregard for how its acquisition affects myself or others. Do I understand the relationship correctly? Could the Cosmic Lesson card be considered a fatal flaw or is that the Saturn card?
I can tell from your email that you have put a lot of thought into this. I would not consider any card to be a fatal flaw myself. If there were one though, I would have to say the Neptune Card since that is the card that comes from our unconscious, and therefore is out of our control. The Saturn card is an area where we have to experience the negative side of an experience in order to understand the totality of that card’s expression. You are very correct in saying that the Saturn Card and Cosmic Lesson Card are connected. The Cosmic Lesson is always the Saturn Card to our Saturn Card and is in fact a higher octave of our Saturn Card. The 10D as a Cosmic Lesson could indicate obsession with money but on a deeper level it represents an obligation for you, as a King of Hearts, to live your life as though you were the most blessed person alive. The 10D is the Jupiter/Jupiter card, the most blessed card. As your Cosmic Lesson you owe it to us (the rest of the world) to walk in those shoes in a positive fashion. This means living the high side of the 10D instead of the low side. A study of the 10D would be very helpful. For example, 10D people often have difficulties with self-confidence, which is a trait of all Aces and Tens. This may come to bear in your own Cosmic Lesson as well.
I have a question for you but first, I want to explain the situation as short as possible. I work with this guy ( D.O.B. 11/27/69 6 of Hearts ) and I (D.O.B. 12/28/70 3 of Hearts) would say about two years. After studying both of your books, I found out that I am his my p.r card (3 of diamonds) is his karma card but the second karma card. Well anyway, he interns at our job when he comes home for either summer or Christmas break. When I first say him, I was immediately attracted to him and of course as time past, my feelings some what grew. However, he was involved and of course I was involved in different (learning) relationships during those times. Recently I was able to find out his birth date and card because it interested me why the two of us would play like a tag game I.e. he ask me out last year but I did not go because I was involved (I did not tell him this I just told him that I don’t date co-workers and at the time I did stick true to my word) and then when my relationship broke up, he was involved (apparently with the same girl that just so happened to be hooked on Crack). This year, he asked me out and I accepted but later on could not make it. So the next day I asked him out because I sensed that I kind of hurt his feelings when I did not go out with him. When we went out for the first time and we really enjoyed each other. He told me that he was surprised that I went out with him. Now for my question after this long explanation, I know that I am supposed to owe him something and I do know that I mirror him in a sense. I am confused about this because what am I supposed to be owing him. I do know that we were together in a past life time because of the MARS and MAFS connections and also the VEM connections that both of our birth cards hold. Please help me understand this. I will understand if it takes you a little time to respond but when you get a chance.
Do not be concerned about what you owe him. Just enter into the relationship. You will find out as things progress. In this sort of relationship, you only need to always be ready to give. If you can do that, things will go smoothly. There is no way to know exactly what is owed. We just have to be open to give and everything goes fine with these karma card relationships.
I have one other question regarding this part of your last message. I need and want to know this: How does a person’s Planetary Ruling Card (PRC) come into play with respect to the karma cards associated someone else’s Birth Card (BC)? Let’s use my PRC, which is the Queen of Spades, and the 10 of Diamonds BC. In your description for the 10 of Diamonds BC, you say that the Queen of Spades owes the 10 of Diamonds something (who knows what … maybe something spiritual since that is what the Spades suit is all about). Does this come into play for my relationship with a 10 of Diamonds person? I know that the Karma Cards for the PRC of the 10 of Diamonds person, which is the Eight of Spades, would be considered against the Queen of Spades and vice versa. But, my question here has to do with the BC of one person and the PRC of the other person involved in a relationship. Does karmic debt (what one person owes the other person) apply for BC to BC and PRC to PRC of the two people involved in a relationship only? Or, does it also apply from BC to PRC and PCR to BC? Help, please. I need to know this not only for myself but also for counseling purposes.
In my opinion, the Karma Cards act to the Planetary Ruling Cards just as they do with the Birth Card. This means that if someone’s PR Card is one of your Karma Cards or if your PR Card is a Karma Card of their Birth Card or PR Card, then you have the same karmic issue that you normally have with the Birth Card’s Karma Cards. The Queen of Spades owes the 10 of Diamonds so with a 10 of Diamonds, you have an obligation to give of yourself in some meaningful way.
My mom is really sick, in fact she is in the hospital and we will probably bring her home tomorrow with the help of hospice care. (she has lung cancer that has moved to other parts of her body.) This week she has taken a dramatic turn for the worst and doctors are telling us that there is nothing else to do for her. I’ve been trying to learn more about the use of the cards by comparing the events in my personal life to that of the cards info. I see an ace of spades in my cards (during the current period) and I see many nines in my dad’s cards (year long cards), but I don’t see any “ending” cards in my sisters’ or brother’s cards. So my questions are – as much as people don’t want to know endings in a person’s life, what cards/combo of cards are usually indicative of this? Also, would you see a “death” or ending card in the spread of a person who may transition out of this world or would you see it in the spreads of those who were close to that person? Why would some family members show endings cards while others do not? I know that my younger sister will take my mother’s passing extremely hard. You can’t even mention my mother’s name to her without her bursting into tears. Any feedback you can give would be appreciated.
As to your question, which is a good one, you must first understand that the cards are subjective, not objective. For example, there is no Death Card that spells death every time it appears. And there are as many different kinds of death cards for individuals as there are ways to go. What cards DO show up in a person’s reading tells us what is going on FOR THEM personally. You have an Ace of Spades which is a big transition for you, personally. Whatever your mother or sisters have is what is going on for them. Also, sometimes the cards that you would expect to find occur in different places, such as in the Planetary Ruling Card spread, the Personality Card spread or in the Underlying Cards. I can always find them myself but sometimes they are not obvious. I am sorry for your loss. I can only imagine what it will be like when my mother passes on.
I’m trying to get clear about which came first…Tarot reading or playing card readings? I know there is the whole Atlantean cards connection…so does this make cards the oldest form of future telling with cards in history? Very curious…any insight would be greatly appreciated.
A close examination of both the Tarot and our common playing cards will answer your question. The playing cards came first, actually centuries before the Tarot. The Tarot has all that the playing cards has and many additions, therefore, it was an addition to the regular playing cards. In addition, the Tarot does not match our calendar in any way like the Playing Cards do, thus, the Tarot is not a mathematical system by any means, where as the playing cards are purely mathematical. The playing cards and this system that I have written about is the only card system in existence that has this connection to the cycles of the earth, astrology and our calendar. This is all confirmed in the writings of Olney Richmond who wrote the Mystic Test Book over a hundred years ago.
Since the PRC is “like your ascendant” or how you interact w/ the world then: 1.What role does the birth card play in things? 2. Is the PRC in actuality more important than the BC? 3. Is the PRC something that should be emphasized/studied perhaps more than the BC in understanding someone/yourself?
The Birth Card is what we are really doing in this life. The PRC is how we do it or how it is expressed. The Birth Card is the soul purpose or soul urge. The PRC is how that urge or talent is expressed or where it finds emphasis. But because the PRC is such a large part of our personality makeup, we tend to identify with that more than the BC. That doesn’t mean that it is more important but it does mean that we should never ignore it or underestimate its significance
This year I have the mystic triangle. Could you explain it to me? My birthday is 10/5/46. Thanks for your help.
Having the Mystic Triangle means that your birth card displaces the 10S. If you look at your yearly spread in the Grand Solar Array form, you will see that your Birth Card and two Karma Cards form a perfect triangle, your two karma cards occupying the bottom left and right corners and your Birth Card sitting in the first row just below the 8D spot. To be honest I have not determined just what the significance of this configuration actually is. I know there is some importance to it but I do not know what. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Perhaps when this year is complete you can tell me how it affected you. I do know that because of the 10S displacement there could be choices and potential conflicts between career and home/family matters. But above that I think there is more significance on a spiritual level that has yet to be discovered.
I am recently going through a lot of rough times now, especially with my family and love life. I was wondering if you could still help me. I broke up with my boyfriend for a stupid reason a few months ago, and we thought we were going to get married and still love each other. we got back together and now he broke up with me because of the bad memories. even though we are broken up, we still seem to get back together. is that the way it is supposed to be? my whole family is going through a lot of health and financial problems, we have be in financial problems our whole lives and recently health problems, is this our punishment for something we did in past lives. during this life we have all been great people, so why do bad things happen to good people? if you can help, my birthday is September 2, 1980. anything would help for me to understand. I always ask why, now maybe I can get an answer. thanks for you help.
First of all you need to know that your birthday makes you a 9 of Diamonds birth card with a 7 of Spades Planetary Ruling Card. This combination tells me that your life will have more than the average number of challenges. There are many lessons to learn and all will be difficult until you turn to spirituality for the answers you seek. Your checking my site is a sign that you are doing just that but there is much more to learn. Being a Nine, you are a giver to others. However, you often have hidden expectations behind your giving, ones that you yourself are blind to. Then, when you don’t get what you were secretly wanting, you get angry or upset. Your 7 of Spades ruling card makes you particularly strong-willed and proud, but usually in the worst way instead of the best. You will have to learn to drop your pride and arrogance if you want to sincerely face your problems and get a handle on how you are creating your life to be the way it is. This year, which just began on your birthday, is not all that bad. You do have two cards right that say that your relationship has died, or gone through a big change or transformation. Perhaps this was necessary. I cannot comment more on the relationship without knowing your boyfriend’s birthday. But I can tell you that 9 of Diamonds people tend to be very co-dependent, addicted, and ‘savior-oriented’ in their personal relationships. You might want to examine that a bit to see if that is having an effect on your relationship. I see a big change in your life coming this year, a change that you must make happen. I cannot tell you what that change is specifically but it is in the area of how you life your life, how you approach life and relationships. I hope this helps.
Mr. Camp, my birthday is 5/9/1966. I am worried about the “Karmic separation” that you mention is a factor for many 10 of Diamonds. I have been single by choice for many years and now long for a relationship, but only with the right man who understands and knows himself as i do know myself. thank you again for your work, and your insight.
Do not be afraid of the karmic separation I talked about. Everything in life is a lesson. And once the important lessons are learned we can go on and create our ideal relationships. What we perceive as mistakes usually become important pieces of the puzzle that help us find our ultimate fulfillment.
Recently, I purchased your book, The Cards of Destiny and have begun working with the system. There is one thing that troubles me, though. I guess I believe that as people we are each very unique and live lives that reflect this. But your divinatory system is based upon a static set of events that are unchanging, at least as far as I can tell. My birthday is 4/20/62. Except for the year, my birthday is the same as Adolf Hitler and Napoleon. All three of us are the Ace of Diamonds. Now, I have no desire whatsoever to take over the world; I tend to be a fairly peaceful person. How does your system account for the differences between me and Adolf? It would seem that when Adolf was my age, 34, his cards for that year were exactly the same as mine, but somehow, I doubt that are lives were filled with the same challenges. In astrology, the year of birth and the place of birth are important in determining one’s unique characteristics (though, even this I have some trouble with; two people born a matter of minutes apart at the same hospital to different parents and social structures, according to astrology, would have all the same influences). Is there something I’m missing about your system? How do you account for Adolf and I? In your book, your description of how to do a weekly reading is of particular interest to me. This involves actual user interaction with the cards and, therefore, a unique reading. Is it possible that there is some method, an extension of this, that can be used in a monthly, yearly, or life reading? Perhaps the meanings of the planetary influences on the day of birth remain static, but all subsequent days can be determined through some sort of dynamic card spread, like your weekly reading.
Your questions are good ones and I would like to address them. Every card in the deck has several ways of being expressed. There are ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ manifestations of each card that depend upon the individual to be expressed. Thus two people with the same birth card may appear to be quite different even though they are both expressing some level of the same card. In his mind, Adoplh Hilter thought he was doing a great thing. It is a common Ace of Diamonds trait for them to take on a job or occupation in order to help the world in some way. It is also a common Ace of Diamonds trait to be somewhat unaware of their own selfish motives while pretending to help others. Its just that Hitler went to an extreme degree in this fashion. Even so, I think he truly believed he was doing a good thing for the world. I appreciate those, like yourself, who take a critical look at whatever divination systems they come across. There is a lot of bullshit out there and I think it is better to be skeptical rather than gullible in general. I advise everyone to never just believe in this system but do take the time to let it prove itself to you. If the cards in your yearly spread have no relevance to your life right now, discard this system and find one that works for you. This system has 100% accurate for me and for those I have read for but I don’t think it is THE SYSTEM for everyone. I do know this much though. Give me someone’s birthday and I can tell you all about their life, without ever having met them. Thats the power of this system and of the other true ancient metaphysical sciences.
In your book you often use celebrities to help define certain cards. Can you tell us why Bill Clinton is a perfect Seven of Clubs and why Michael Jackson is a perfect Ten of Hearts?
Celebrities are people whose lives are often dramatic. On top of this, we read and hear about them often and usually what we hear and read are about the more dramatic things they do. Because of the drama aspect here, they often personify the traits of their Birth Cards very well and make good examples that we can learn from. I have learned a lot about the cards by watching celebrities. But in truth I have learned more by studying my friends and family because I have more contact with them. I use celebrity examples in Love Cards to point out certain traits that we are likely to see in others who have the same Birth Card. Those bags under Bill Clinton’s eyes, for example, don’t come from the happy fun side of the Seven of Clubs. They come from the Seven of Clubs propensity to worry. But his having become president exemplifies the Seven of Clubs drive for fame and power and some of his philosophies also have that spiritual bent that is typical of Seven of Clubs.
The suits of the cards, Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs, Spades, all have special meaning, can you tell us what some of them are?
To begin with the natural order of the suits is Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and finally Spades. There is a lot of information hidden within the suits of our Birth Cards but I will give you a simple example of their distinctions. Each suit represents one of the four stages of life. Hearts represents childhood, Clubs represents our school years, Diamonds represents our adulthood and money-making years of life while Spades represent old age, the last years of our life. We see these meanings expressed in the people of these suits. Heart people are eternally child-like, playful and often immature. Clubs are eternally curious, love to read and learn new things. Diamonds are adults and money conscious. Diamond children, for example, will not like to be treated like babies. Spades are wise, hard working and tend to be attracted to those of older years. Even babies who are spades will have that look of wisdom on their faces.
What does it mean if you have the same Birth Card as someone else?
That simply means that the two of you have chosen to work on very similar personal issues this lifetime in a way that creates a lot of similarities between you. I can see commmonality in everyone who share the same Birth Card, but often they cannot see it as clearly themselves. Every Birth Card has a high and a low form of expression. It is those who embrace the high and the low that can look at someone else who is the same Birth Card as themselves and see the striking similarities. When we meet someone who is the same Birth Card as ourselves, we find ourselves looking in a mirror of sorts. The question remains how much do we like what we see in the mirror. The answer to that question will determine how well we can get along with that person. This would be particularly true if that other person and I shared the same birthday as well.
What if you do a reading between you and your spouse in Love Cards and it says that you are totally incompatible with each other?
Love Cards would never actually tell you that you are totally incompatible with anyone else. However, if you looked at the indexes of Attraction, Intensity and Compatibility and noticed that the numbers between you and your spouse were on the extreme low end of the scale, it could cause some hesitation.However, in my experience those who are married but are incompatible already know this. Love Cards just confirms this to them. The word compatible as used here expresses the ease in being together. Not all relationships are easy and many couples stay together for decades who have a challenging relationship. Love Cards can reveal the reasons for this and help both partners understand consciously what they have been doing for years without knowing fully why. There are always important personal and spiritual reasons for every significant relationship in our lives. Love Cards is a tool that helps us understand these underlying, but actually most significant reasons.
Can Love Cards tell us about our futures? What about our past lives?
Love Cards does not specifically address the timing of events during our lifetime. Our next book, The Cards of Your Destiny, will cover that aspect of this system in great detail. However, Love Cards does reveal who we have strong past-life bonds with as well as tell us about our past lives to some extent. Essentially, what we are today is a product of what we have done in past lives. Therefore many of the traits, both good and bad, that make up who we are have come from those past lives. In some cases Love Cards will mention that though it is true in all cases.
What can Love Cards teach us about our compatibility with others?
Love Cards can tell you exactly how compatible you are with practically anyone else in the world. There are energetic ‘connections’ between any two people that are clearly defined in Love Cards and expressed thoroughly in the book. You can look up anyone you know or even people you haven’t met yet and get a detailed explanation of how the two of you will interact. However, compatibility is not the most important element in determining who we will be with. Attraction is probably the most powerful aspect that determines who we choose to get close to. This attraction is based upon unresolved inner conflicts that can be better understood when you learn about yourself in Love Cards. For this reason, we often choose to become intimate with people that we are not all that compatible with. A complete understanding of any relationship includes a complete understanding of each individual apart from the relationship first. Then we can look at their compatibility together and assess the possibilities of success in the relationship. Love Cards gives you everything you need to get the whole picture of any relationship.
What can Love Cards teach us about our personalities?
I think one of the most important things Love Cards can do for us is to help us affirm who we already are so that we can accept our particular expression in this lifetime and enjoy more of just being ourselves. Many people have reported this to me, that it helped them stop fighting with themselves and just go ahead and be and do the things that really fit them best. Each Birth Card has a wonderful expression and a high potential. I believe that we can achieve a higher potential easier once we know those things that are a part of our individual makeup and cooperate with ourselves. For example, discovering that my Birth Card was a very creative one, and one that required a variety of projects to work on to be happy, I stopped trying to keep a single line of occupation and allowed myself to diversify. This in turn made me a lot happier and now I really enjoy the work that I do because it fits my basic personality. Love Cards can also help us to understand some of the areas of our life that we have the most problems with in a way that brings a breath of fresh air to those areas. Problems are always caused by internal conflicts that manifest themselves outwardly as problems in our lives. The information in Love Cards can lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves that often eliminates these internal conflicts and brings a lot of joy and peace.
How accurate is this system? How specific, detailed does it get?
This system is so accurate that many people have told me that it scares them. However, there is room for some variety in the meanings of the cards and each of us choose specific or unique expressions of the meanings that best represent our personal goals and preferences. As far as detail is concerned, this system can get very specific by mentioning when events will occur, often right down to the exact day, who will be involved, naming them by birthday, and the exact nature of the events as they relate to the individual. In Love Cards you will find very specific information about your personality and how you relate to the closest people in your life. Personally, I have found this system to be 100% accurate. Though it didn’t appear that way when I first discovered it, once I understood it better, I realized that it had been ‘right on’ the entire time.
How is this system different from, say, Astrology, Numerology or Tarot?
I classify these kinds of systems into two categories. The first are those based upon mathematical principles and the second are what I call the intuitive methods. Tarot falls into the second category while Astrology, Numerology and the Science of the Cards all fall into the first. When using the Science of the Cards it is not necessary to even have a deck of cards. Everything that we do is done by calculations using the birthdays of individuals and the numerics of our calendar. This system is most closely related to Astrology. It even incorporates planetary influences as part of its interpretations.
If the system in Love Cards is based on a regular deck of playing cards, then when were they first used to tell fortunes and who were the first?
Fortune-telling as a profession did not appear until after the fall of Egypt as mentioned earlier. Apparently the cards made their way into the hands of gypsies and others but with only some of the knowledge of their true purpose intact. Tarot decks of all sorts have originated since then, but none of these carry the original meanings or methods used by the ancients who first devised this unique system.
What is the ‘Science of the Cards’, who created it, where does it come from?
A close examination of our common playing cards reveal that it is actually a calendar system that matches the numeric values of the calendar that we use today in every single way. As an example, all the ‘spots’ in a deck of cards add up to the exact number of days in our year. The cards were created to be a symbolic representation of the cycles that govern this world in which we live. Though the cards first appeared in the hands of the common people shortly after the fall of Egypt to the Romans in the days of Cleopatra, they existed much earlier in history than that. I believe the cards originated over 20,000 years ago in a place called Atlantis and that they were used by the priests in the temples to do astronomical as well as astrological calculations and research. For more information about the origins and history of this system, read The Mystic Test Book, by Olney Richmond, available in our catalog.