If you have encountered an important question in your studies, you can contact Robert here and expect a reply. This is not where you ask about your own cards or destiny, please only questions about how to use this system.

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I am new to this. What is the best book to start with?
Most beginners choose either The Cards of Your Destiny or Love Cards as their first book and many choose to get them both. Each represents an important aspect of this system and teaches you from the ground up how to use it. The Cards of Your Destiny contains your past, present and future. Love Cards explains all about yourself and others and teaches you how to do compatibility readings between you. So, based on that, you can choose between them as your first book!
Is it hard to learn how to read my future with this system and Robert's books.
The Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards are presented with simple, step by step instructions that will have you doing amazing readings within an hour of starting them. Just make sure to read from the beginning so that you get the basic structure and terminology, which are required to become proficient. The books take you from beginner all the way to intermediate and even a few advanced level topics. There is a lot in these books, now in their 5th generation of publication.
What if I don't know the time of my birth? Can I still use this system?
Time of birth and location of birth are not required for using this system at all. It is all based on your month, day and year of birth. For relationship readings you don't even need the year, just the day and month. Its amazing to realize that everyone born on your birthday has the same card and same basic karma, but you will see that the description of their card and lifetime karma is just as accurate as yours.
What if I want to become a professional and offer readings to others?
Robert Lee Camp has been encouraging and supporting students to become readers since the very beginning, over 30 years ago. And you will find courses on this site that take you into both advanced and professional level topics that make it easy to be successful doing readings for others. It is all here for you when you are ready.

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As a Queen of Diamonds birth card, my life has always been about service, and about helping students reach whatever level of proficiency they desire. If there is something I can help you with, please ask.

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Here are the books that will teach you how to read your destiny and the destiny of others, taking yo


For those who are ready to get started learning the system. These TRAINING COURSES are the place to


For those who are ready to get started learning the system. This Software are the place to start! T


For those who are ready to get started learning the system. These TRAINING COURSES are the place to

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