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Hi and welcome to our site. Our main purpose here is to educate everyone who is interested in the science of destiny, and to teach them how to do it for themselves and others. However, we also offer products and services that allow you to just look into your destiny without having to learn anything. The Cards of Your Destiny system, though relatively unheard of, is honestly the most accurate and easy to learn system of self-knowledge and divination that exists. You can learn it in a matter of minutes using our books, and be doing a meaningful and accurate reading for yourself. Its accuracy and relevance will stun you. We have things here for every interest level. We have books and courses to teach you and software, reports and personal readings to just tell you what your destiny is, for any period of your life and about any relationship you may be interested in. Have fun exploring our site and let us know if you have any questions.


For those whose interest is in learning to read their own destiny and that of others, this is the place to start. We take you from the beginning to as far as you want to go, even to the professional level. Robert is the foremost teacher of card science in the world and you will learning directly from him.

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Robert Lee Camp has been creating software for card science for over 30 years. We now have software that you can use personally or professionally to read the destiny of anyone. Our software works on all major platforms. Many add to their monthly income by selling reports that the software generate. Whether personal or professional, the software will be a valuable companion in your work with the cards.

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Robert is active in creating live presentations and recordings of previous presentations that teach you various aspects of card science and astrology. You have a wealth of free information to draw upon once you are signed up as a member here. Enjoy!

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