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The First Contact With Your Client

Welcome back.

From the title of this lesson you may notice that I am not talking much about your client or their cards. I am, in fact, assuming that you have most of that information already from your previous studies. This is not overlooked, however. I have a lot of additional information that specifically relates to what I call the ‘issues of the Birth Cards’ that you have access to. First of all you get a copy of my newest book,  The Art of Performing Transformational Card Readings. In this book you will a wealth of valuable information about every card in the deck, plus in-depth information about the reading process. You will also be given access to the audio recordings of Magi Fellowship members as we discuss each card and it’s particular Karmic traits as reflected by their Birth Card, Karma Cards and Life Spread Cards. Because that information is completely covered in those two resources, we can instead focus our attention here on some of the other important aspects of card reading.

The Art of Performing Transformational Card Readings has a chapter that discusses exactly what this lesson will cover. It begins on page 10 of the book. I only intend to add a few things to what is already there. Hopefully by now you have received your book. Please take the time to read that now.

First Impressions

Probably the best way to look at your first conversation with a potential client is that this conversation is the beginning of a reading with them. Think of conducting yourself as though this conversation were part of the reading itself. Later in this course you will learn about staying connected to your client. Now is your first opportunity to create and sustain that connection.

Here is your next recording of Robert Lee Camp and the Magi Fellowship members discussing the issues of the various Birth Cards:

Card Issue Discussions – The Two of Spades to the Three of Hearts