These are live audio recordings of Robert Lee’s Camp’s talks astrology.

Astrology for the Year  of 2007 12-31-07.mp3 – Duration: 18:58

Tonight we prepare ourselves to ring in a new year. What does 2008 hold in store for us? Did you know that today is the Joker day? What does that mean? Robert will also talk about the astrological events that will occur in 2008 that will affect us all.


Astrological Event Great for Money Aspect 10-29-07.mp3
Duration: 19:17


Misconceptions of Astrology 12-10-07.mp3 – Duration: 25:25


Things Only Your Astrologer Knows 10-15-07.mp3
Duration: 4:49


What is in store for us in 2009 1-05-09.mp3 – Duration: 15:54

Tonight I will talk about the astrological happenings that will affect us all in 2009. Come find out what this year might have in store for you and what you can do to take the most advantage of some very powerful and positive influences to come!


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