What Your Planetary Ruling Cards Can Tell You

Robert Lee Camp June 11, 2015 Our knowledge of the importance of our Planetary Ruling Cards has grown…

  • Jun 18, 2015
  • Robert L Camp

Planetary Ruling Cards
Robert Lee Camp
June 11, 2015

Our knowledge of the importance of our Planetary Ruling Cards has grown and I think it is a good idea to revisit this topic and give some further explanations. And, many new readers do not understand just how they are obtained, and what is their purpose. This article serves as a reminder with the addition of some new information for the more advanced students of the cards.

Our Planetary Ruling Card is one of several cards that I call personal significators. A personal significator is a card that directly reflects you, or your qualities. These include our Birth Card, Planetary Ruling Card(s) and Decanate Ruling Card. Only the first two of these are discussed in my main books and the Planetary Ruling Card is probably the least understood of those.

First it is important to know how the PRC (Planetary Ruling Card) is derived. It is always a card in our Life Spread, and always the card or cards in our Life Spread that corresponds to the ruler or rulers of our Sun sign. To find out what is someone’s PRC, you need to know two things: The Sun sign of the person and their Life Spread cards. To get good at this you will have to memorize which planets rule which signs. For those who are unaware, here they are:
Ruling Planets
Using the above table and your Love Cards or Destiny Cards book, you can find anyone’s PRC card without looking it up, as long as you know their Sun sign. Let’s say you know someone whose birthday is April 24th. First of all this would be a Taurus 10♣ person. Since the planet Venus rules Taurus, this person’s PRC would be the Venus Card in their Life Spread. The Venus card in the Life Spread of the 10♣ is the K♠. Thus, this person’s PRC is the K♠. There is more I want to say about how these are derived, and I will talk about that later in this article.

So, this is how we determine what our Planetary Ruling Cards are. But what exactly is our Planetary Ruling Card anyway? To understand it more, we need to know a little about astrology. Our Sun Sign is considered by most to the most powerful point in our chart. It is essentially the area in which our soul shines forth with the greatest brilliance.

Planetary Ruling CardsIt always represents a gift that we have. But along with that gift comes a strong identity. In other words we are very strongly identified with our Sun Sign. We think to ourselves, ‘this is who I am.’

Since the Planetary Ruling Card is a function of the Sun Sign, it likewise points to a strong identity. As a matter of fact, a lot of people actually identify more with their Planetary Ruling Card than their Birth Card.

I have personally seen many cases where the Birth Card takes a back seat to the Planetary Ruling Card in a person’s makeup.

One could say the Planetary Ruling Card is like a second Birth Card. The Birth Card is also a strong identity symbol.

But in my experience, the Birth Card doesn’t have the power of the Planetary Ruling Card. What I mean by this is that we usually just take our Birth Card traits for granted. It seems very peaceful to me the way the Birth Card is expressed. With the Planetary Ruling Card, we seem to have this strong need to express that, to somehow show that to the world.

There is often urgency connected to the Planetary Ruling Card’s expression. And the identity we have with our Planetary Ruling Card seems to be the one that we are more inclined to feel we have to defend. This points to a greater attachment to the image symbolized by our Planetary Ruling Card.

When I study the astrological natal charts of my clients, I see the influence of both the Birth and Planetary Ruling Cards found there. There does not seem to be a clear distinction between them. Both influences appear and appear in various and different ways in each person’s chart. There does not seem to be a pattern. And if there is no pattern, then these two must serve similar purposes on a practical and spiritual level. And that purpose, it seems, is to have a place in which we have strong identification and expression.

This is mostly the function of the ego within us. One might say our ego is the sum total of the things, behaviors, beliefs, attitudes and points of view that we most strongly take to be the real us. And this is why the cards are so useful. They can point to many of these identifications very quickly and accurately, by just knowing someone’s birthday, which gives their Birth Card and Planetary Ruling Card.

Identity is a funny thing. We can become identified with something very easily. For example, just reading an article or book can have us identifying with concepts or beliefs that we didn’t have before. But the real kicker is how identity operates in a day to day fashion. Because we have placed our identity into something that is so flimsy, such as an idea or point of view, we are now in more or less constant fear of someone or something threatening who we are. And some people will even kill other people for having a different belief or idea. So, when we look at people’s Birth and Planetary Ruling Cards we need to keep in mind that even though these patterns are ones in which we identify, that even those can change, and are not fixed in the ultimate sense of the word.

Everything in this world is transitory in nature. Everything changes, including who we think we are. But the identification we have with our Birth and Planetary Ruling Cards tend to be continually expressed over the course of lifetime. However, if a person evolves in consciousness, their expression of these cards will be only the positive ones. They will no longer express the lower sides of their cards, and every card has a higher and lower expression. I have seen spiritually evolved masters many times in my life. And they still express their Birth and Planetary Ruling Card. But they do not exhibit the lower sides of these cards.

More about the Planetary Rulers

The wheel below shows the houses of the zodiac with their corresponding qualities and ruling signs. The 1st house is the one ruled by Aries and the 12th or last house is the one ruled by Pisces. You might have noticed, in the first table, that both Venus and Mercury rule two signs.

It is interesting that each of the two is an Earth sign, and an Air sign. In ancient days, before the discovery of the outer planets (Uranus through Pluto), most planets ruled two signs. And if you follow me, using the chart below, you will see how that worked.
Houses of the Zodiac
First there are the Sun and Moon, which only rule one sign each, Leo and Cancer, which also sit right next to each other. Then, if you move one house in each direction, you get the signs ruled by Mercury, Gemini and Virgo. One more house over in each direction gives you the signs ruled by Venus, which are Libra and Taurus.

Do you see a pattern emerging here? Aries and Scorpio were ruled by Mars, Pisces and Sagittarius were ruled by Jupiter, and Aquarius and Capricorn were ruled by Saturn. In truth, these rulerships still apply today and some astrologers and systems of astrology still use them successfully. But by integrating the three outer planets, the double rulerships were changed into what we use today. And we ended up giving Scorpio two planets, Mars and Pluto, to rule it.

It seems a bit confusing for sure. I am not suggesting you change to the old rulerships. I just thought you would find it interesting to see how it evolved. There are many cards in the deck that have two birthdays with the same Birth and Planetary Ruling Cards. For example there are both Virgo 9♣ and a Gemini 9♣ birthdays, both with the 9♠ as their Planetary Ruling Card. This happens also with cards that are both Taurus and Libra. It is interesting to see how similar these people are, even though their Sun Signs are very different. As a matter of fact, Gemini and Virgo are not even compatible in a general sense. But still these individuals who share the same cards will be very similar in nature.

And we also have our Scorpios with two Planetary Ruling Cards, the Mars and Pluto cards. It is important to realize that our Pluto Card in our Life Spread is Saturn to our Mars Card. In essence, the Pluto card teaches the Mars card and is its biggest critic. This is why we find that Scorpio people are highly self-critical. They themselves judge their Mars Planetary Ruling Card expression. The Pluto part of them says, ‘evolve to a higher level with this.’

It is for this reason that I use mostly the Mars Planetary Ruling Card for Scorpios. Most of them have yet to make that big transformation that has them operating out of their Pluto Card. However, as a Scorpio person gets older, they do tend to move more towards their Pluto Card and away from their Mars.

I hope you have found this article educational. If you understood it correctly you should no difficulty in determining anyone’s Planetary Ruling Card by yourself. And hopefully now you understand more about its function in your life and the lives of people you know.

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