The next Aha and the first ‘miracle’

This occurred four days later as I was driving back to California. It was similar to the first,…

  • May 13, 2008
  • Robert L Camp

This occurred four days later as I was driving back to California. It was similar to the first, I was whizzing along with a pack of cars, barreling down through a desert mountain pass coming into California. The sun was almost setting and it was a beautiful sight. But at one moment the sounds of the cars passing me caused me to enter into an altered state of presence. All of a sudden time seemed to slow down. I was there, barreling down the highway at 85 mph but everything was peaceful and I was just present to it but at the same time, immune to any concerns or fears. I was within myself and happy. I was peace itself.

It lasted but a few seconds but again I was reminded that I was on the right path. This is what I need to do and I was doing it. My mind, as powerful as it is, came in quickly and regained control by comparing, judging, and labeling my experience at the same time promising me some form of enlightenment in some distant future. I was back in the mind/ego game. But I had again tasted the NOW.

The Miracle

Five hours later it was dark and I was getting close to home. I was starting to get very sleepy. I had been driving now for over 14 hours in this one day. But I was so close to home. I did not want to stop. I turned on the radio to see if listening to some music would help me stay awake. I was using the Seek button on my radio to scan through the channels. Then, I came upon a Christian music station, a modern one at that. The song, Amazing Grace, was playing, a more or less modern version of it. I listened for a few seconds and then decided to move on with my Seek button. I knew Christian pop stations all had these sorts of new renditions of songs, I thought, but I thought they are missing the true mark. So I hit the Seek button again. Lo and behold, the next station I came to was also playing the song Amazing Grace. This time, it was a jazzy version, but obviously it was another Christian pop music station. I didn’t listen to more than a few seconds till I hit the Seek button again. Incredible! It was Amazing Grace again! This time it was a more country or traditional version. But I still was not satisfied. My judgments about Christian music stations and Christians in general had me hit the Seek button again. Then, Amazing Grace came on again, this time from a fourth station in a row. All I could think was, ‘maybe I need to listen to this song now.’ This one was a very modern, sort of soft rock version of the song. So, I decided to listen to it, thinking this must be some sort of message from the universe.

As the song wound down towards the end, the artist, whoever it was, digressed from the usual words of the song and was repeating a phrase something like ‘the healing waters will cleanse my soul.’ Those may not be the exact words but that is close to what they inferred. I listened intently this time. Just as the song ended my attention was caught by a shooting star, just visible in the front window of my car. It was a bright one, headed in the same direction I was driving.

It all seemed too perfect. A chill ran over me. I realized that, for whatever reason, this message was delivered to me by this impossible sequence of events. I took this to mean one thing – I am on the right track in my life. It was a confirmation and sort of a gift for the work I had done that past week of unraveling my mind’s hold on my attention and coming into the NOW.

Just as quickly, that experience passed away into the night, into the past, and I completed my now short journey home.