The Law of Attraction

In this world there are myriads of possible realities that we can live in. Our world is all…

  • Oct 05, 2012
  • Robert L Camp

In this world there are myriads of possible realities that we can live in. Our world is all the more interesting because of the many choices of lifestyle, location, prosperity level, occupation, and relationships. Some of these choices may be commonly regarded as highly desirable while others would be those that most of us would choose to avoid at all costs. But to God and our soul, as well as to the enlightened man or woman, all possible experiences have the same value – they are only experiences and nothing more. As they say in India, “to the enlightened man, a lump of clay has the same value as a piece of gold”. But in our minds we have an entire host of experiences that we would rather avoid and an entire list of others that we would love to have in our lives. Regardless of what we may think, it is the law of attraction that is responsible for the experiences that we do have, day in and day out. And if we observe this phenomena closely we can see the act of creation at work. This law of attraction of which I speak is none other than “Like attracts like”.

I was driving down the interstate the other day, going about ten miles an hour over the speed limit, when I saw a state trooper in the median strip just after I came around the curve. His car was moving slowly and as soon as I passed by him, I saw him get on the freeway and turn his flashing lights on. My immediate thought was, ‘Well, here I go getting a speeding ticket again’. But instead of getting upset about it, I just hung out with myself as I watched him in my rear view mirror, getting closer and closer. I began to slow down as as he got near I pulled over into the right lane, preparing to be escorted off of the roadway as I have been before. However, this time he just sped past me, apparently having clocked someone else before me that was going much faster. I was very relieved to discover that I wasn’t going to get a ticket but it caused me to reflect on what I am attracting into my life. I asked myself, ‘Is there some reason that I need a ticket? Some reason, perhaps subconsciously, that I am wanting one?’ That experience caused me to reflect on what thought and feeling forms I was projecting about driving and about my relationship to the posted speed limits. In the past I have attracted speeding tickets. But this time I was sure that I didn’t want or need them. Throughout that day, which ended up being a 650 mile road trip, I had many close encounters with the police as I was consistently speeding. But in each case I was never pulled over. I realized that I had stumbled upon something important here.

Imagine you are sitting on a bus in a big city and then some real rowdy and potentially violent teenagers get on the bus and start making a lot of noise. Imagine they looked like the type that might rob or otherwise hurt someone. What would you be thinking in that situation? Your internal response to situations like that will tell you a lot about what you are programmed internally to attract to you. Would you get off the bus immediately and wait for another? Or would you feel anger towards those youths, perhaps even communicating your disapproval with a facial gesture or look?

If I felt guilty about speeding I would have surely gotten a ticket, as I have in the past. If I was on that bus and chose to somehow communicate my disapproval of those youths and their actions, I would have, in effect, invited them into my life to play out some scene with me. The results could have been fatal.

I recently had a client who was seemingly surrounded by people who had been murdered. Her father had been murdered, her best friend’s brother and an ex boyfriend had been murdered. Now it is very rare for me to meet anyone who even knows of someone who has been murdered. So when I meet someone like this I immediately become very suspicious about why they would need such experiences in their life. It is like they are playing with fire. And it is only a matter of time until they get burnt, or in this case, hurt or killed. Her current boyfriend, who was the reason she wanted a reading, was apparently carrying a gun and perhaps dealing drugs. I immediately sensed that this woman had some internal death wish or otherwise thought that she deserved to die or come close to it.

These extreme examples illustrate how the law of attraction works. Most of us are unaware of this process going on but it is there just the same, silently working behind the scenes to make sure that we get the things that we really need on a soul level. The things that we say yes to in life are those that we in some way think or feel we need. You may tell me that you really don’t want to live a life of poverty but I say that if you are, your actions speak louder than your words. You may say that you don’t enjoy being in a nowhere relationship with no intimacy or affection but if you are in one, then your words are meaningless. What we do attract reveals what we feel and think at a deep soul level. You cannot separate the external from the internal. We can only attract exactly what we are inside, no more or no less.

This can be a very hard concept to grasp. Many would look at the things in their life and say, ‘No way did I create all of this!’. And yet, when you do begin looking at the things and experiences in your life as reflections of what is going on inside, everything begins to make perfect sense. Along with that comes a feeling of renewed power as you connect what is inside you with your life.

So, bearing all of this in mind, does it make sense to keep pounding away at external circumstances in order to effect a change in your life? Certainly not. If you want to see some real changes, get to the true source of the manifestations. Get down with yourself, do what the Bible says, ‘Seek ye the Kingdom of heaven within”. It is much harder to do this than anything else you will ever do. And that is why the rewards are so great too.

There is a saying that holds very true in this area of life. It goes, “You don’t get what you deserve in life (or love for that matter), you get what you settle for.” If you are unclear of what you have settled for, just take a quick look at your life and you will find it there in living color. And this applies to every single area of your life, not just your job, money or relationships. Using our external life as a mirror shows us exactly what we think we deserve, not what we imagine we deserve or even that which we have proclaimed to others that we deserve.

We take reality as truth and always work it backwards to find out what is inside. This is a very powerful technique that I use in the readings that I do. I find the external areas of conflict first. These are easy to find because they are always the parts of a person’s life that are not working. Whenever I hear someone say, ‘I just don’t have as much _____ as I want’, I know we are talking about some internal conflict. Life is really a very magical place. The very moment we get clear about what we want, it will appear. The lack of anything is always an indication of a conflict inside. Part of us wants it while another part doesn’t. We can only attract a conflicting external manifestation because of our internal conflict.

So, how you begin to eliminate the things in your life that you don’t really want anymore? Just say no. You don’t have to shout it out but you do have to be absolutely resolute about it. I have a second sense about people who have violent potential, for example. I can tell within minutes if a person has that kind of personality that could explode in anger and violence. Whenever I detect that in someone I immediately put distance between myself and them. I really don’t need that in my life. I don’t talk to them, I don’t do or say anything that would attract them to me. And they immediately begin to fade out of my life. Its really about the power of choice, used with awareness. The fact that my client, which I mentioned earlier who had all the murders around her, hadn’t picked up and left that scene tells me that she had some internal need to be face to face with her own death. There could be many reasons for this but the result is that she is attracting murderous people in her life, ‘dangerous people’ to use her words. Maybe she just wanted some entertainment or something to scare her out of her complacency. Whatever it is, I know for certain that she is doing it by some design. It isn’t just ‘happening’ to her as many people will try to get you to believe.

For this same reason I have little pity for those who end up in tragic situations. If one would take the time to investigate their history and tendencies, you would usually see a pattern. This person attracted that tragedy just as you and I attract the things in our life. We all operate under the same God-given power. There is no one on this planet that God said “Sorry, I am not giving you the power to create.” No, he gave each and every one of us that power. We are made in His image and likeness. The esoteric meaning of this statement is that like Him, we are given the power to alter our destinies by making choices. No one is a victim here so lets get with the program and begin harnessing this power and using it for fun, love, peace, happiness and prosperity.