Text of a Radio Show with Robert Camp 12-11-1996

Providence, Rhode Island, December 11, 1996 Good morning everyone in Providence and the surrounding areas. My name is…

  • Sep 25, 2012
  • Robert L Camp

Providence, Rhode Island, December 11, 1996

Good morning everyone in Providence and the surrounding areas. My name is Robert Camp and this is 30 minutes of Your Destiny. This is our first show and I am delighted to be here on W.A.L.E to share with you the many things that I have learned about our personal destinies. Feel free to call in at any time with your personal questions. I will use the tools of my trade to help find answers that can make a difference for you. So, be sure to write down this number and call if you have something important on your mind. The number is 621- W A L E.

Right now I want to talk with you about the Book of Destiny. What is the Book of Destiny you ask? The Book of Destiny is a book that contains the personal destinies of people all over the planet. We can look into this book and read our past, present and future. I had heard about this fabled book over 20 years ago. Someone mentioned that there was such a book in India and if you could find the people who had it, they would look into the book to see what it had to say about your life. I never actually found that book, but I kept looking. I studied Astrology and Tarot and Numerology, hoping to find what I was looking for. I scoured the bookstores, searching for what I believed was the little book that held all the secrets.

Then one day I found an interesting book in a friend’s bookshelf. In that book I looked up my birthday and then found a description of myself that was so accurate that I was stunned. How could this book know so much about me just from my birthday. It intrigued me and I went and got my own copy and began studying it. This book seemed to know a lot about everyone. I looked up my friends and family, my past relationships and people I had worked with. I found this book to be utterly fascinating and uncannily accurate. A year later I had the good fortune of meeting a man who knew more about the system in the book I had found. He was teaching classes and I eagerly attended. It was in that first class that I realized that I had found what I had been looking for – the Book of Destiny. I was amazed to discover that this Book of Destiny was our common deck of playing cards.

A common deck of cards? You ask? How can they tell me anything about my past or future? Is this like Tarot or Gypsy fortune telling? How does it work? Is it accurate? Well, I am going to share with you something that was intentionally kept secret for thousands of years. This information was not known to the common man for centuries and has actually just become available because we are now at the point in our evolution that we can understand its importance and make good use of it.

Every day of the year is governed by planetary energies. Any of you who have looked into Astrology understand something about the relationship of our planets with the events that transpire here on the Earth. At any given moment there are planetary energies that correspond to what is happening here on the planet. What you don’t know is that our common deck of cards are actually precise symbols of planetary energies that correspond to the days of our year just like our calendar. Your birthday is governed by one of the 52 cards. Once I know your birthday, I know what your Birth Card is and that tells me a lot about you, your life, your personality, your relationships, your capacity to earn money, what things you are good at and who you get along with the best. I invite you to call in, even if you just want to know what your Birth Card is. But what is really fascinating is how our deck of cards is actually a calendar system. I wonder if you have ever looked at a deck of cards and noticed the similarities it has with our calendar? First of all you know that there are 52 cards in a deck. That happens to be the same as the number of weeks in a year, right? Okay, that could be coincidence. How about the four suits. I suppose those could represent the four seasons. And this they do as a matter of fact. Your Birth Card will tell us which season of the year you are most connected to. If you are a Heart card, for example, you are a person of the Spring. But what about the 13 cards in each suit? What do they represent in our calendar? Well did you know that there are 13 full moons each year? And, if we take the 12 signs of the zodiac wheel and place the Sun in the very center we have 13 again. There are 12 court, or face cards that correspond to the 12 months in a year and the cards are Red and Black, corresponding to Day and Night. But the most fascinating connection comes when we add up all the numbers in a deck of cards. To do this we must know that the Ace is a one, the Jack is eleven, Queen twelve and the King is thirteen. If we take the entire deck and add them together, guess what we come up with? The total is 364, just one day short of our calendar year. But if we add in the one remaining card, the Joker, we get exactly 365. If we take all the cards in one suit and lay them out on a table from the Ace to the King, we see that the card in the very center is a Seven. Seven of course is the number of days in our week, which by the way are named after the seven visible planets and luminating bodies in our very own solar system.

These facts alone should prove to you that our deck of cards was not invented for the sole purpose of amusement. There is no hard proof of their origin. Every major ancient civilization claims to be their inventor. But one thing is for sure, our deck of cards is an exact calendar just as much as one hanging on your wall.

The Book of Destiny then is when we take these cards and lay them out in the patterns handed down by the ancient priests of Egypt and before. There is a way to view these 52 cards that reveal the intricate destinies of anyone born on this planet. It is not by randomly shuffling them and guessing at their meanings. It is not by using one’s psychic abilities or intuition. It is by understanding the laws that govern the passing of our days, weeks and months and by seeing these reflected in the lives of people born on this one planet in the entire universe.

So, once I know your birthday, I can not only tell you about your life as seen through your Birth Card, but I also have in front of me a table of yearly cards for every birthday of the year. I can look into these tables for YOUR cards and tell you what the Book of Destiny has to say about your life, this year, or any year you choose. This information is very specific and often amazingly accurate. I have been using this system for the past eight years and I have found it to be 100% accurate. It took me a while to understand the language of numbers, suits and planets so that I could fully interpret these symbols and their meaning but my as my understanding has grown, I can see that the cards were always accurate.

I want to tell you a little story about one of my clients. His name is Peter Hammond and he used to produce the Arsenio Hall television talk show. His wife was a client of mine and she asked me to do readings for both of them one year. They were planning a vacation, which I saw coming up when I looked in the Book of Destiny. But what I also saw that was unusual was that there were cards that indicated they would meet up with Peter’s mother while on vacation. This was unusual for two reasons. First of all, they were going on a tour of Europe, part of which was a cruise ship down some big river. Secondly, they were not planning to meet Pete’s mother and actually hadn’t even told her about the specifics of the trip. When I told them they might meet his mother, they both thought that was an interesting idea, but very unlikely. I forgot about what I told them until about four months later when Pete’s wife called me to tell me that the most amazing thing happenned. While they were cruising down the river in the big cruise ship, they ran into Pete’s mother. She did not know they were on that boat and had no intentions of meeting them. It just happenned. After my readings, I rarely remember anything I tell my clients. All I had done was look in the Book of Destiny and see what cards were there and told them what those cards meant. This is how it works. You just look up any year of your life in the Yearly Tables and see what cards are there. You don’t even use a deck of cards to do these readings. If any of you have any questions about your life right now, I would be happy to demonstrate how it works. Just call 621- W A L E with your name and birthday and question.

Another interesting story is about my teacher, whose name was Arnie Lein. He was a very popular reader to many of the stars in Hollywood in the fifties, sixties and seventies. In 1973 he was asked by Tennis Illustrated magazine to see if he could predict who would win the Wimbleton tennis matches that year. There were many Americans in the match and some of them were favored to take the matches. He asked the magazine for a list of the birthdays of each of the contenders and set down to examine all of their cards in the Book of Destiny. When he was done he told Tennis Illustrated that all of the Americans would lose the matches. He didn’t know why, he just told them what the cards were indicating. All he saw were cards of frustration and disappointment for all the American players. Tennis Illustrated told him thanks but reminded him that it would be nearly impossible for all of the Americans to lose that year. Arnie stood by his prediction and waited to see what would happen. Just a week or so before the matches the US government decided to keep all of the American contenders out of the matches because of some political conflict on an international level. As it turned out, none of the Americans were allowed to compete and thus none of them won the matches. Tennis Illustrated was completely amazed. So much so, in fact, that they had Arnie write an astrological column for Tennis Illustrated for the next couple of years.

Arnie Lein was not using psychic ability to make his prediction. He was doing exactly what I could have done, or what you could have done if you had learned how to read the Book of Destiny. I could site hundreds of examples – people who predicted the birth of their child, an upcoming marriage, financial success, a move to a new home or state, travel abroad, a new love affair, a health recovery, success in work or school and countless others. This is the sort of information that is found in the Book of Destiny. It is practical, useful information that can make a real difference.

But what about the ‘bad cards’ you ask? Aren’t there bad cards that come up that will bring problems and disappointments? Is there any way to change the cards that I will get so that I get only the good cards? In the Book of Destiny there are no such things as bad cards. Every single card has a good side and a bad side. What this means is that each of us has the opportunity to get the best from every card we are dealt. This is where the power of your free will and choice come into it. In my book, The Cards of Your Destiny, I strive to give you both sides of each card so that you can see what opportunities await you. It is up to you to activate the highest potential in every card that you are dealt.

How long does it take the average person to learn how to read the Book of Destiny? The actual method is quite simple. I have found that most people pick it up within and hour or two of opening the book. There are actually five steps involved in doing a yearly reading for yourself. If you follow those steps as outlined in the book, you could be exploring your destiny for any year of your life within minutes. I would have to say that the actual mastery of using this system would take about a year. But I have seen many people become professional readers within three weeks of reading my book, The Cards of Your Destiny.

I have personally trained many people who are working the 900-psychic lines. Even if they are naturally psychic, they use the Book of Destiny to confirm their intuitions. Some use it exclusively. For less than the cost of one reading on one of these lines you could have a book that will guide you for the rest of your life.

Now, lets demonstrate just how this magical Book of Destiny works, I invite you to call 621 – W A L E with your questions. I need to know the date of your birth, your question, and just for convenience sake, your age. When I look up the answers to your questions, I will be looking under whatever age you are to see what is written. So call now if you would like to see just how this works.