Text of a Radio Show with Robert Camp 02-05-97

Providence, Rhode Island, February 5, 1997 9th Radio Show Good morning one and all. I welcome you to…

  • Sep 19, 2012
  • Robert L Camp

Providence, Rhode Island, February 5, 1997

9th Radio Show

Good morning one and all. I welcome you to our radio program called 30 Minutes of Your Destiny. My name is Robert Camp. I have been a professional astrologer for the past 15 years and sitting here in front of me on my desk is everything I need to give you a reading about your life. If you have an important question about your finances or about some relationship I am available here on WALE to answer your call and I may have the answers you are looking for. The number here in case you don’t remember is 621-WALE. You may call anytime during this show and hopefully I will have the time to get to you. I certainly hope so.

It really is possible, folks. It really is possible to know what will happen in your future. If any of you were tuning in about 3 weeks ago, you will remember that I made a prediction about OJ Simpson. At that time I said that sometime during February or March that something very difficult would happen to him. Now, at that time I didn’t know then how long his trial would last and I didn’t know what kind of negative event would transpire in his life. But I took a look at his personal cards in The Cards of Your Destiny and I saw that this particular year, in his Saturn Period, which began on February 3rd and ends on March 26th, that he had some very difficult cards. So, here we are, just two days after the beginning of this period and we find out that he was found guilty in his civil trial, which could cost him all of his money. But you know, this Saturn period of his has just began. I don’t think we have heard the last of his troubles just yet.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a dislike for OJ Simpson and I really don’t know if he killed his wife or not. I have my own personal feelings about it, but really it is not my place to say whether he did it or not. All I am talking about here is how his personal cards for this period of his life are describing exactly what is happening in his life. I have OJ’s entire life right here in front of me and you could have this same information if you wanted. It is available to those who want to really know.

In the Book of Destiny system each of us have cards for every year and month of our life that tell us what will happen, when it will happen and who it will happen with. We can look in the cards and see when things will improve in our life. We can see ahead of time when we might make more money, take a trip, move to a new house, sell some property, have children, get married or meet a new lover. However, these cards do not completely rule our lives. Every card in our life has a positive and negative side that is expressed based upon our attitudes and frame of mind. Even OJ’s cards, as difficult as they seem right now, will probably have a very good result in the long run.

Haven’t we all had very difficult experiences in life that turned out to have a good reason in the end? I would like to hear from some of you about this. Give me a call and tell me about some tragedy in your life. Tell me if something good came out of it or not. I am really curious about this because I have found that most people today believe that life is full of meaningless tragedies.

One of my students had these same cards one year as OJ. This happenned over 15 years ago. During his Saturn period at that time his only son, who was 23 years old, was murdered. Now his son, as it turned out, had been involved with some drug deals and a woman who wanted his money. It was all mixed up. Now, remember that it was this student of mine whose son had died and who had the difficult cards that year. What was important was what was happening to him. Well, we can only imagine how he felt when his only son, whom he had raised for 23 years, was murdered. It was devastating and of course, this man felt a lot of guilt about how he had treated his son lately and about how little time they had spent together. Oftentimes when someone we love dies, we have many regrets about our relationship with them. Well, to make a long story short, this man realized that he had his priorities all backwards. After the murder he changed his lifestyle and began spending more time with his family. For him, his son’s death brought with it a realization about how he had been living and caused a great change in his life for the better. This is what he personally got from the experience. Though he grieved a lot over his son’s death, he went on to make a very positive change in his life that probably would have never happened otherwise.

Hasn’t this been true for you as well? Haven’t there been some traumatic events in your life that have catapulted you into a new and better situation? Give me a call and share one of these with the rest of our listeners. We all have a lot in common. The number here is 621-WALE.

Catastrophy. Calamity. Disaster. Tragic loss. Death. Aren’t these all words that describe some of the things that we are most afraid of? Don’t many of us have a sort of ongoing fear that something disastrous may occur that could take something away from us that we cherish. Not all of us have to go through these kinds of losses in our life. But many of us do. Even if you have never had an experience like one of these, you probably know someone who has. And who is to say what is disastrous to you? Just losing your job could be, for you, the worst thing that could happen.

I would like to know something about your fears. We all have them, but yours are unique to you alone and I would like to know what scares you the most. Maybe just calling in and being on a radio show scares you. Hey, a lot of people are afraid of that one. But really, I would like to discuss this with you and see what we can learn from this. Give me a call at 621-WALE and lets explore this important topic.

When I used to get afraid of things for whatever reason, I would sit down and ask myself, what is the worst thing that could happen? Then I would imagine that happening and ask myself, can I live with that? What would be left of me after that had occured? Would I have a reason to go on? What would I do? This was my personal technique for dealing with the fears I would have that would creep in and affect me at times in my life. What do you do when you get afraid? But an even better question is do you know that you are afraid? Some people are afraid and don’t even know it. If they don’t even know they are afraid, their lives are sort of programmed for them by their fears. Many people live like this. They plan their entire life around ways to avoid things that scare them and yet they are not even aware that they are afraid in the first place. The truth is, if you were like this, you probably wouldn’t even know it. But what things are you afraid of? What are the things or who are the people in your life that you are most afraid of losing. And then, how does the fear of losing them affect the decisions you make? These questions can reveal some of most important elements in what makes our life the way it is. Clients and other people come to me and say, I want to change my life. I want to have more. They tell me they are tired of fighting things in their life and feel that they are stuck in some kind of rut. And they don’t know what to do. Do you ever feel this way? Is there some area of your life that you feel stuck or confused? I would like to hear about that because we all have them. Not everyone is willing to talk about them but we all have them. If you want to talk about it, I am available. Just give me a call at 621-WALE.

So, as it turns out, FEAR is one of the most important elements that decides just how our life is going to be. If any of us just sit down and write down all the aspects of our life – the parts we like and the parts we don’t like, we will usually discover that the parts we don’t like are the ones where we have fears that are blocking our happiness. Fears are the very thing that blocks our happiness.