Celebrate Spring with the Gift of Spiritual Knowledge

It has been a long long winter this year. But now it seems to be over for good, at least where we live here in the mountains of North Carolina, and we hope for you too. So, let’s celebrate that with a sale on some of our courses and products.

And we also have a new article called Predicting the Date of An Upcoming Childbirth. You can actually predict a child’s birthday by knowing a few of the techniques given in this article. Enjoy!

First, a bit of news. All of our online courses on our site are now playable on Mac computers, as well as PCs, pads and smart phones. If you have ordered any of our courses in the past, you can go back to them and try them on your phone or Mac PC. They stretch to fit your screen.

Next up is a brand new workshop called The Art of Card Interpretation. This is a five hour recorded class we held here in late 2016. So, it is the newest class Robert has available. And it is on sale now too!

The 2018 Spring Sale has ended.
We thank you for your continuing support!

Spring Sale at 7thunders.com

Here are all of our sale items for our Spring Sale:

Book of Destiny and Love Cards Reporter, Version 5.0!

Our Desktop Software for Microsoft PCs at a Special Price!

Now you can get $50 off both our PC software programs. This is an opportunity for those who only have one of them to get the second at a special price. These latest versions are compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10, and have new features and reports you can sell.

Book of Destiny Reporter, Version 5.0

Book of Destiny 5.0 Desktop Software Special $399, normally $449

Creates 6 different kinds of reports and has all the advanced features that will teach you the science of the cards, including the displays of the Moon, Cosmic Lesson, Cosmic Moon, Transformed Self Cards. Read all the details here:

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Love Cards Reporter, Version 5.0

Love Cards 5.0 Desktop Software Special $349, normally $399

Creates 4 different kinds of relationship reports and allows you to see how each connection is derived. This is our most advanced software for the love connections, and the most accurate. Read all the details here:

Spring Sale at 7thunders.com

Little Book of the Seven Thunders

Little Book of the Seven Thunders Special $29.95, normally $34.95

This is our most advanced book on the cards that reveals all the inner workings of the system, along with advanced information about each card in the deck. This book answers all your questions regarding the yearly spreads and the love connections found in the Love Cards book. Read more about it here:

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The Financial Transformation Course

The Financial Transformation Course – Special $59.95, normally $74.95

It is easy to transform your relationship with money such that you never have a money problem again, and that you have all the money you would ever need to get the things you need and want. Many have done it. Is it time for you to do it? Everything you need is in this course, except your pure intention. It’s all spelled out in detail, the why and what, to lead you completely out of poverty forever. Get more details about this course here:

Spring Sale at 7thunders.com

The Art of Card Interpretation

The Art of Card Interpretation Special $79.95, normally $99.95

This five hour recorded course will teach you everything you need to understand to perfect your readings for yourself and others. It covers all the topics that beginner and intermediate level students (those who are reading Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards) need most. Combining cards, detailed information about each position in the yearly spreads, how to get answers to questions about the year, and many more. Robert’s latest course. To see a list of the topics covered, just click on the link below:

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The Cards and Relationships Course

The Cards and Relationships Course Special $59.95, normally $74.95

If someone were to ask me, I would say that it is the area of relationships where the science of the cards shines the most. It just gives such detailed explanations of what is going on in relationships. And relationships are probably the most important topic that we all face day in and day out. This five hour course goes into all the various uses of the cards in the area of relationships, including business, family and intimate, in great detail so you that you can have the benefits of this knowledge to the highest degree. More details are found here:

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Visions Master Volume

Visions Master Volume – Special $74.95, normally $99.95

Ten years of Robert Lee Camp’s newsletters, all bound together in a PDF. Nearly 1,000 pages of articles about the cards, astrology, celebrities, and spirituality. Some of the hard to find information is in these books, like how to find the Calculated Daily Cards and the Decanate Ruling Card. Now 25% off! View the entire contents here:

Spring Sale at 7thunders.com

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