Reality and Faith

Those acts and events that we perceive as unfortunate are in fact divinely guided and orchestrated. It is…

  • Oct 01, 2012
  • Robert L Camp

Those acts and events that we perceive as unfortunate are in fact divinely guided and orchestrated. It is only our inability to perceive the underlying cause of things that prevents us from understanding that life is always and ultimately an experience of love. Because we cannot always understand the love behind the events in our lives, we take a diminished view of life and begin to believe that life is a terrible thing or that we have been singled out for some sort of malicious punishment. This can further expand into a sense of self-rejection, thinking there must be something essentially ‘wrong’ with us for having such bad things occur for no apparent reason.

However, as our perception expands we see more and more that life is, and has always been, guided by a loving hand. Ultimately we find ourselves completely surrounded by a loving God and His creation. We live in a world where there is nothing that is not God Himself. And God is love.

Perception expands. Though it may take many lives, its expansion is inevitable. Pain and suffering are the main causes of increased consciousness. They show us when we are out of sync with the truth, which is can also be called reality. By the gradual realization of pain’s message to us, we can search for the truth when we have lost it. The act of searching for the truth attracts that to us, thus relieving our suffering. Ultimately, our suffering will be a thing long past and our lives will reach higher and higher levels of joy, fulfillment, peace and happiness.

One powerful way to attain higher consciousness is the use of faith. If, whenever we are experiencing unpleasant or otherwise unfortunate events or acts, we make the leap of faith to know that even these acts have a loving source and reason, we will be shown this same truth much quicker. In other words, when we look for love, we find it. Faith is the bridge that crosses the rivers of pain, suffering and ignorance. But faith is not the only way, nor is it one that all will choose. There are many paths to the truth and each will choose their own. None are better than others in the eyes of God. However, faith is the fastest. Faith can transcend time and end the wait.

If, during a period of supposed misfortune, one chooses to look for the loving reasons for such events, they will be found and that one’s faith will be strengthened. Faith involves the surrender of the mind and it is for this reason that it will be most difficult for some. The act of bowing down to a religious figure, placing one’s head upon the feet of a spiritual master, these are symbols of surrender of the mind to a higher force. Surrender of the mind and its eternal rantings, attempts to find solutions and fearful imagery is not something that comes naturally for those brought up in this mentally dominated culture. It goes against tradition and our cultural conditioning. However, it can be achieved by anyone and will offer immediate relief since most of our pain resides in the mind in the first place.

To walk the spiritual path means to constantly create and re-create your world as a loving, magical and wonderful place where there are increasing numbers of desirable possibilities. Connect with your God within, whatever you choose to call Him, and your ignorance will be replaced by an increasing understanding of your ability to live a life full of love beyond measure. That path begins here and now.