Using the Cards for Personal and Professional Planning

Knowledge that can make a big difference in your life!

One of the best uses for the cards is planning. I liken it to driving at night with the lights on. Seeing what is coming ahead in the road gives you time to make adjustments to your path. The main benefits you can get from looking at the cards in this way are:

  • Knowing when to expand business or financial operations and when to hold back.
  • Knowing when it is wise, or unwise, to pursue legal matters.
  • Being prepared to take advantage of favorable influences for money, love, health, travel and moves.
  • Knowing when to initiate new businesses or enterprises.
  • Having a general idea of where your karma is taking you, being able to look ahead  for 3-5 years.

This course is the first time Robert Lee Camp has taught specifically how to use the cards in this manner. Among the topics covered in this four-hour course are:

  1. Determining if you are in a material or spiritual cycle right now and how to take best advantage of both of them.
  2. How to read your seven-year spreads to be able to get a clear picture of the path ahead for 3-5 years.
  3. Finding the vertical Long Range Cards each year along with the Underlying Cards associated with all your Long Range Cards.
  4. The importance of the seven-year influence cards, such as Long Range, Environment, Pluto and Result.
  5. How to find all your Underlying Cards for every card in every spread, and how to use them to get a more accurate picture of what the influences are.
  6. How to use the calculated Daily Cards for daily and weekly planning purposes.
  7. Choosing the best card-days to start new relationships and business-related enterprises.
  8. What constitutes the birthday of a new relationship or business?
  9. Understanding your Saturn and Jupiter astrology transits in an easy-to-follow manner.
  10. The meaning of both Saturn and Jupiter in every house in your chart, and how to determine where they are now, and where they are going next.


  • 4 Hours of  Video Instruction
  • Handouts given to class members illustrating all the techniques
  • Personalized copies of your Yearly, Seven Year and Calculated Weekly Spreads to refer to as you learn

Once you order this course,  make sure you are logged in under the My Account tab, and you will see a link to the class materials in the right hand column.

This is a recorded live class with students and many examples to illustrate the various techniques taught.

Using the Cards for Personal and Professional Planning $199.95

Planning with the Cards

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