Love and Relationships in the Cards

  A Special 5 1/2 – Hour, Recorded Zoom Seminar with Robert Lee Camp Come Explore Your Relationships…

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  • Five Hours, 30 minutes of recorded Instruction
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A Special 5 1/2 – Hour, Recorded Zoom Seminar
with Robert Lee Camp

Come Explore Your Relationships and How the Cards
Can Give You Better Choices and More Understanding

Whenever I meet someone new, even casually, I ask them their birthday. So far, very few have ever refused to tell me. And once they tell me, I know the following:

  • What their basic nature is
  • If they can be trusted in whatever area they might interact with me
  • How the two of us will get along
  • Who will dominate the relationship, who will be the leader, who will be the follower
  • Will there be appreciation for the relationship by the two people
  • Will either one of us be abusive or critical of the other
  • How would this particular relationship be best handled or utilized by me to get a positive result
  • If this relationship has any long-term potential

With that information, I know whether to engage this person or let them engage me, and I know how we might fit together and how to proceed with them. It is a blessing to know this, and it is my little secret. Even with people I work with, or hire, I always want to know BEFORE I get involved with them. You can have this power too, to know how everyone around you, and new people that you meet, fit best into your life and you can know this BEFORE you invest time or energy or feelings with them. It is these tools that I want to share with you in this workshop.

The Science of the Cards presents us with a powerful tool that we can use to gain much needed understanding and information about all of our relationships. It is a code that we can use to decipher everyone in our life and gain peace through understanding not only who they are individually, but who they are to us and how they fit together with us. In this special, 5-hour class, I go over everything I have learned about how to understand and choose relationships consciously. Here is a list of some of the topics we covered:

  • Who are the best cards, and connections, for you in love and marriage
  • Who are the best cards, and connections, for you in friendship and casual relationships
  • Who are the best cards, and connections, for you in working relationships, or people you will hire
  • How to get a quick fix on anyone new that you meet
  • What analyzing your current and past relationships can tell you about yourself and where you are going
  • The timing of new and existing relationships – timing can mean everything!
  • Becoming a Master in all your relationships and how to find the perfect partner
  • How relationships are explained in the cards, how the connections are derived
  • The big difference between Life and Spiritual Spread connections
  • What significators we use for relationship comparison and why
  • Which connections are the most important and why
  • Why solar value relationship readings are not useful or accurate
  • What it means when your cards match those of the other
  • Understanding Karma Card and Karma Cousin relationships
  • The Compatibility Indexes and How to Use Them
  • The Marriage-Ability Factors and How to Use Them
  • Why the Family of Seven is much different than the Magic Circle of 45 Family
  • The Five cards you should always be a little careful with, and engage cautiously




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