Love Cards Application Pro Online

$29.95 / month and a $70.00 sign-up fee

Readings and reports for every conceivable relationship between two people.


Readings and reports for every conceivable relationship between two people. View the connections for:

  • Intimate relationships – lovers, married partners
  • Friends and Family – any non-sexual relationship
  • Business – in depth look at you and someone’s chances for success together in business.

Love Cards Reporter 4.0 features

  1. Completely accurate and highly detailed list of connections. Much more accurate than the Love Cards book because it gives a complete list of connections in the exact correct order.
  2. More detailed interpretations of each connection that includes the names and proper pronouns for each person in the text of the report or interpretation.
  3. Affirmations for each connection that highlight the most positive expression of the connections between you.
  4. Explore the connections and their meanings for any two people or create a complete report.
  5. View or send reports for any two people with the three kinds of interpretations listed above.
  6. Keep a list of clients whose cards you can pull up quickly and whom you can send reports to easily.
  7. Share your client database between both programs if you have them both.
  8. Personalize your reports with your own company or personal information.
  9. The program stores information on which reports you created and sent so that you can refer back to them when you want, or resend them if necessary.

Love Cards 4.0 Professional Version also includes

  1. Unlimited reports – Click HERE to see a sample.
  2. The View Connection List feature that allows you to view all of the connections between two individuals, view them in the Life and Spiritual Spreads and the ability to move connections in the list up and down to change their priority or make sure they appear in your reports.


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