Book of Destiny Reporter 6.0 (PC and Mac!)





This is our latest software, which runs on PCs and Mac computers. It will not work on IPhones or IPads. It will run on a Windows 10 Surface pad or computer. This program is the latest of this new series and is designed for those who want to make, and sell reports. Your license allows you to have this on two computers and one can be PC and one Mac or whatever combination you prefer.

Existing Book of Destiny desktop software users. Depending on when you purchased your previous version, you can get a discount coupon from $50 to $250 for this program. Just email to request it. Be sure to specify when you purchased and which previous version you have.

Regular Features

  • Creates six separate reports – see example downloads below
    • Yearly Report – our most popular report, suggested retail $24.95 – $49.95 – these reports can run up to 70 pages in length.
    • Linear Spreads Report – for doing a reading, displays all of a person’s cards on one page for one year
    • Weekly Calendar Pages – one week of all daily and weekly cards on a page, suggested retail is $1-2 per week
    • Find Money and/or Find Success Reports – shows someone all instances of cards that would indicate financial success or just business success for any number of years. Reports are usually around 1-2 pages per year. Suggested retail is $15-20 for 3-5 years of a reported period.
    • Yearly Relationship Report – how will someone get along with another important person in their life in any given year. Also very useful in determining the presence of a particular person in someone’s future. Report are generally about 7-10 pages in length and suggested retail is $15-20.
  • Create unlimited reports with no monthly fee.
  • You can have the software on two of your computers. (software cannot be shared with someone else!)
  • Client database that holds unlimited number of people
  • Database can be searched by last name to quickly find someone.
  • Access to any time-based spread, yearly, 7-year, weekly, Life, Spiritual, 7-week, etc.
  • Instantly go forward or backward in time to any date in a person’s life and see all their cards. Go back or ahead one period or one cycle, depending on which cycle you are viewing.
  • View the spreads for Birth Card, Planetary Ruling Card, Decanate (or any other) Ruling Card, Personality Cards and first and second Karma Cards
  • Click on any card to get its meaning.
  • Current time period, based upon the date you selected is always highlighted.
  • View the Grand Solar Spread for any spread that is being viewed on the other pages.
  • See all the Underlying Cards for any card displayed, which gives additional information about the particular card you are interested in.
  • Resizable and custom color screens in the program.
  • Complete instruction video for every aspect of the program (11 videos total)
  • Two articles included about finding the Decanate Ruling Card
  • For emailing reports, you will need to print to a PDF. Mac computers have this built in. PC owners will have to get a PDF writer program to do this.

New Features

  • New interpretations
    • Karma Cards
    • 7-year Long Range Cards
    • New auspicious events and cycles
    • Updated interpretations throughout the program
  • Yearly Reports
    • Now includes the 13-year Life Spread card and its meaning for the Birth Card
    • Includes the 7-year Long Range Card and its meaning
    • Can run more than one year at a time
    • Customizable footer for your reports
  • Weekly Calendar Pages – can do an entire year in one click
  • Find Money and Success Reports – ability to Edit the Power Ratings of the various cards found in various positions

Sample Reports

Yearly Report
Find Money Report
Find Success Report
Linear Spreads Report
Weeky Calenda rReport
Yearly Relationship Report