Meeting Eckhart

Over four years ago a girlfriend handed me the book, The Power of Now, by Eckart Tolle. At…

  • May 13, 2008
  • Robert L Camp

Over four years ago a girlfriend handed me the book, The Power of Now, by Eckart Tolle. At that time I had the habit of telling everyone that “I don’t read books anymore.” But because she insisted I sat down one day and began to read it. After reading only four or five pages I had to put the book down. The message there was so powerful, I could not continue reading until I had put into practice what I had already read. I could tell that the book was profoundly spiritual in the deepest sense of the word. But for whatever reason, I wasn’t ready to practice something so profound at that time. I put the book away, lent it to friends and at some point lost it. The book would reappear often after that. A friend would mention it or someone I knew would show up at my house with it. But I had already decided I was not going to read that book, not until I was ready to give it the attention it deserved.

Then, this year, my new wife Desiree came home from the bookstore one day with a copy of Eckhart’s newest book, A New Earth. Because of my little fortune on my computer’s monitor I took it aside one day when she wasn’t around and began reading it. Soon I wanted a copy of my own and Desiree picked one up. As I read this book, I began to see things about my life very clearly. I also began to yearn for the experience of being in the NOW and free from my mind and ego. The book was so profound to me in those first days of reading that I would usually have to take a 20-30 minute nap after I had read just a page or so. I felt like my psyche needed those little sleeps to digest what was being said on those pages.

Reading A New Earth got me wanting to go back and read The Power of Now again. But instead of buying the book again I acquired the books-on-tape version of Eckhart reading the book in audio form. And just at that time I had planned a cross-country road trip, from California to North Carolina and back. This would be a perfect opportunity, I thought, to really focus my attention on Eckhart’s teachings. With 30 hours of driving each way ahead of me, I got the audio forms of both books as I prepared for my trip.