How to get started in Learning How to Read Your Destiny

If you are new here this is a short guide to getting started in your journey to becoming a good card reader. No prior knowledge or qualifications are required. Anyone can learn this system and start using it quickly.

If you have no prior knowledge, it is the best to start with my two books, Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards. Without these two books, you will not know the terminology used for every part of this amazing science, nor the structure of both yearly predictions and relationship compatibility readings.

If you would like a little help in getting into these two books, we have two companion videos that can help you along. But really if you just read the first 30 pages of each book you will have a great grasp on this method.

These two books, having been re-published over four times each have a lot of additional information and articles that take you from beginner to intermediate and even some advanced level information. These books were written in a way that makes the science more accessible and easy to learn. The original method of the science in only taught in our advanced courses. It is much more complicated but yields a lot more information. 

Before you move to the advanced or professional level, feel free to check out our intermediate level courses, each of which goes into a lot more detail on specific applications of this mystic science.

For those who are considering making a career out of doing readings for others and teaching them, we have a yearly Magi Card Science Certification program. This begins each year in September and lasts an entire year. You have a mentor and are given three written tests as well as attending monthly classes taught personally by Robert Lee Camp and Fatima Dauntess, the two living Grand Masters in the Order of the Magi.

If you are in a hurry and just want to learn this system, these are the courses that are completed and tested on by everyone in the certification program:

The Art of Card Interpretation

Mastery of Card Science

The Art of Transformational Card Readings

If you have any questions, feel free to write to: