Comments on the coming presidential election

Most of you are probably readers of my newsletter and have read my thoughts about who will win…

  • Sep 21, 2008
  • Robert L Camp

Most of you are probably readers of my newsletter and have read my thoughts about who will win this election before. So, I simply want to talk a little about the candidates. It’s funny because I come from a large family and we are all having an email debate about the coming election, half of us supporting Obama and the other half supporting McCain. I have in the past always voted Republican because I identified more with their overall philosophy. I would like to see less government, not more. But I have realized the past few years that both parties are actually creating more government so from that point of view, it really doesn’t matter who you vote for. What I have observed, however, in the past eight years has really opened my eyes. I have watched a corrupt and greedy group of guys who are the current administration use our country and its resources for their own ends, mostly greed. I have seen a president and his crew wreck our economy, make us the enemies of most of the world, and in the process make themselves rich beyond belief. I believe this was carefully and intentionally orchestrated. The current economic mess, high prices of gas, and increased terrorism can all be attributed to the plan that was carried out by Bush and his buds. I also believe that McCain is just an extension of that and that if he is elected, we will see more of the same, with conditions in our country getting worse and worse. Oil prices will go back up immediately following the elections and we will see more of the administration’s friends making billions of dollars from us, the American people. Why no one has really questioned the oil industry or Cheney’s companies is a mystery. But we are the ones paying the price for their greed.

So, I could never vote for someone associated with that. But then again, if there was a Republican candidate that had some integrity and who really was going to make the effort to set things right, I would vote for him. In the end I am not Democrat or Republican. But I would like to see our country being led by people with integrity and a vision for a better country that goes beyond their own personal greed.

Unfortunately, John McCain is not such a leader. He is the same birthday as Michael Jackson, a 10 of Hearts with a 10 of Diamonds planetary ruling card. This birthday, among other 10 of Hearts birthdays, is one with a very high potential for insanity and pathological lying. All 10 of Hearts have the potential to be deceitful and many are extreme. McCain is showing that he has no regard for the truth, or facts whatsoever, which is what I would expect from a politician born on his birthday. Here are a couple of recent stories that display his affinity for lying and deceit and his absence of any integrity.

According to unbiased reports, McCain’s use of out and out lies in his campaign advertisements goes beyond any previous precedent. No one has ever seen lying like this before. Expect more. You can essentially bet that everything and anything McCain does from this point forward has nothing to do with our welfare but everything to do with his getting into office so his pals can resume their plan of the destruction of our country.

It is interesting that Bush is a 9 of Diamonds with a Jack of Clubs planetary ruling card. Interesting because Obama is a 9 of Diamonds. However, Obama is a Leo and does not have the Jack of Clubs as his ruling card. That Jack of Clubs is where deceit steps in. And that same Jack of Clubs, which is the first Karma Card for the 10 of Hearts, is why there is such a high probability of deceit with that card.

For these reasons and more, I could never vote for McCain. He stands for nothing except whatever will get him into office. This reminds me of another great liar, ex president Bill Clinton. He was a lot like McCain but McCain has even surpassed Bill and he isn’t even elected yet.

As for Obama, he is a Leo 9 of Diamonds. There is nothing terrible about being a 9 of Diamonds per se and I think that Obama really does have a conscience and can see the lunacy and wrong that has been occuring the past eight years. Though I do not pretend to know all the forces that may be behind his campaign, what I hear him saying is consistent and for the good of this country. He is a Leo and Leos are generally considered the best leaders in whatever capacity they are found. I would rather have him in office that this crazy McCain who has no integrity.

I have written that McCain has an edge over Obama, card-wise. This is because Obama is Moon to McCain. But with the addition of the two vice presidents, the mix becomes a new entity which I personally cannot read. This election, at least for me, is one that I cannot make a strong prediction for. I have my personal hopes but I know that ultimately everything is in God’s hands and will happen the way it needs to happen.