Books are my Friends

I want to digress here for a couple of minutes to just explain my relationship with books. This…

  • May 13, 2008
  • Robert L Camp
I want to digress here for a couple of minutes to just explain my relationship with books. This may be a common way of relating to books but I don’t think so. All of my life certain books have had a profound and positive impact on my life. I sum this up to my having Jupiter in the sign of Gemini in my natal astrological chart. But whatever the case, I have been able to attract certain books that were so great for me at that time, that my life was positively changed by them. I have also kept copies of most every book that has affected me this way, starting with books I read while still in my teens. I was always reading self-help books. Those have always been my favorites. But I have also had very good fortune with just practical books like books on how to program computers or do maintenance on my cars. Somewhere along the line I learned and realized that I can usually find a good book to help me accomplish any goal in my life. I could spend pages telling all the different books I have read and how great they were, or are, but I want to continue.

Another thing about me and books is that I don’t think a book is just something to read. For the most part, if I read something, I think that this is something that is intended for me to make real, not just another thought or new idea to think about and later forget. Books have always told me what to practice, what to do. And I always knew that I needed to do those things so that I could achieve the results I wanted. I say this because I see so many people today who just read book after book and their lives never change. This, for me, is somewhat unfathomable. Why read a book that could change your life, but never put it into practice? A quick anecdote here will explain it better.

When I was around age 30, two good friends of mine met me for lunch. They were very excited and told me they had something really exciting to share with me. They showed up at lunch, both of them carrying a stack of 3-ring binders full of some sort of information and forms. They told me they had just returned from this really cool weekend seminar on how to make a lot of money. They had each paid $500 to attend, and back then that was a lot of money! Their course was all about how to become a real estate investor. As they talked I was noticing their piles of books and binders. I caught the title of one of the books. It was called No Money Down by Robert Allen. After lunch I rode to my local bookstore and purchased a copy for about $9. When I read this book, I got very excited too. This was something I could sink my teeth into. Within 3 months of reading that book I had purchased my first two rental properties using the methods taught in that book. I went on from there to purchase ten more buildings over a period of about 2 years. I literally became rich overnight. As for my friends, though very excited that day, they never did purchase their first rental property, and as far as I know, they still haven’t. I hope you are getting my point here but just in case, here it is: Knowledge is worthless unless it is somehow put into practical purpose, or made real. This is why I could not read any more of the Power of Now back a few years ago.

I have a deep respect for books. I keep a small bookshelf of all my favorite books. I honor books and feel that it would be a dishonor to read a book and not practice it or make it real. Now I am reading both of Eckhart’s books and practicing them.

To realize something is to make it real. Another way of saying it is that to realize something is to have the direct experience of it. When people use the term, realized master, they are referring to someone who has truly come into the world, as it is, and fully accepted it in its true form. They are also referring to someone who has made his or her true self real.