The China Factor

To get some perspective on life, it is good to get out more often, away from the day to day drama of our lives, to a place that is just as valid as where we live and exist but far far away, where different societies dwell with different points of view, goals and directions. Such was my journey to China in October of 2019.  Beijing is exactly 12 hours later in time than the east coast of the US, so it is about as opposite the globe as one can get.  And to see life from this other side of the world reveals so much, and at least for me, gives me so much more objectivity about life in the US, that I consider it extremely valuable. News lately about China is that their economy is slowing down. And there is the ongoing trade war, courtesy of our current president, Mr. Trump. As a matter of fact, Mr. Trump is so much in the news every day, that I doubt few Americans can see beyond his drama to glimpse what is going on around us. The world is changing, evolving and things that have been true before, are not true now. But no one is really noticing. Things like the fact that America has been the dominant country in the world, that our dollar is the standard world currency, and that we are the technological superior country in the world. It might be true today that none of these are true anymore. Both China and Russia have made huge progress. And China, being the most populated country on the planet, is truly the superpower of the world at this time.

As I meander around Beijing and get to know some of the people here, I see a country that is thriving, alive, making progress upon progress. I see architecture here that is some of the best in the world. So many unique buildings here. This morning I could see that the Chinese are in some ways like the Borg in the Star Trek series. They have taken the best from all other countries in the world and made it their own. There is nothing that any other country possesses that China does not. I do not pretend to know the exact state of each country’s military strength but story upon story has been told in the past 20 years of China stealing our military technology. I am sure that if we do have any superiority there, it will be countered by China’s strength in numbers and increasing technological advancement.

From being here in China, I look at my beloved country as a nation of obese, consumer addicted people. We consume and consume. We do not produce as much as we just buy, buy, buy and eat, eat, eat. We pollute the world without regard to our own futures or the future of the planet. And unfortunately, most of the other countries in the world want to be more ‘American’ and are following suit. Corporations and greed dominate our society. Our government is bought and sold. We are unhealthy in so many areas, including education and physical health. We are glued to our phones and televisions, meanwhile forgetting what is essential to a happy life.

China does lie and cheat and steal. So do the Russians, and so do we. It is interesting that both the leaders of both China and Russia are the 2 of Diamonds Birth Cards. Wheeler-dealers, people who will say anything to project a false front while double dealing in secret to reach their goals. Trump being a 3 of Diamonds Birth Card gives him a seeming edge on these two leaders but he is so engrossed in himself, I doubt he sees what is really going on, and I doubt that his interests lie anywhere outside of glorifying himself. His so called ‘deals’ with North Korea and China are all just words, all shams. All agreements have been broken. North Korea continues with nuclear weapon development and China is taking over the South China Sea and continually develops its State-Run government businesses, which makes China stronger and more independent, and gives the finger to other businesses in other countries who are trying to establish trading in China. No one is keeping their word and Trump can’t admit it, perhaps because that would be proof that he has failed, his worst nightmare.

It is well-known throughout financial sectors around the world, that China is buying up as much gold as possible and trying to become the default trading currency in the world. They already mine more gold than any other country and are not far from becoming the default currency. Where the world has been used to looking to the US dollar to trade, it will soon be the Chinese Yuan. Things are changing fast. I do not know exactly what China’s plan is but I do know that whatever plans they are following are meant to make China the dominant country on the planet. What they do when that becomes true is hard to say. The planet’s population is growing so far and we are consuming natural resources so fast that there has to be a breaking point where just feeding the planet will be impossible. There are already huge deficits in fish, from overfishing. And we see that our pesticides and other chemicals used in raising animals and crops are causing cancer and other diseases in our most basic food groups. We are slowly killing ourselves, blinded by our greed and consumer addictions. I was thinking about it yesterday, just watching the people walking down the streets of Beijing. Everyone on the planet just wants to have a productive, simple life. We want to grow up, healthy, find a profession that we enjoy, work, find our perfect partner, maybe reproduce ourselves by having children and then grow wise in our old age. All the rest is fluff. Here in America and other countries the false images presented by the entertainment industry has us living in some dream world of super heroes fighting bad guys, none of which is real or essential to a good life. I was brought up to believe that communism was bad but I don’t see people suffering in Beijing. There are no homeless people there either. Even in the relatively small town where I live, Asheville, NC, there are many homeless. And, there are no mass shootings anywhere in China. No one is permitted to own a gun here. There was a time, just a month ago, when we had one mass shooting every day for weeks.

There are benefits and liabilities when you live under a government that ‘takes care of you.’ Our present (2021) administration would like to create such a government. More benefits, higher taxes and less personal freedoms. It is really a choice, isn’t it? There is no good or bad.