Predicting the Date of an Upcoming Childbirth

This has always been a fun pastime of mine and I offer to do this for any expecting couple, just to see if I can. My results have been pretty good. I have nailed a few of them right down to the day. So now I will share my secrets with you. Perhaps you can have some fun with this and you might just nail a few of them yourself in the process!

First, of course, you need to know the expected day of birth. That is usually easy to get from the couple. There is always an expected day or range of dates in which the child might arrive. This not the same for caesarian section births, where the day of delivery is usually planned by the doctor and the couple. However, I will say that divine providence is always at play, even in these examples. So, you might be able to pick the day they later choose, or they may actually change their date to the one you picked due to some unforeseen circumstances. Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men…

So, knowing the approximate date of birth gives you some important information, such as:

  • What card year the mother and father will be in at the expected date of birth.
  • What period each of them will probably be in at the expected date of birth

Note: I want to mention that, in my own experience, daily and weekly cards have not proven useful. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just search the daily and weekly cards for the childbirth cards? Yea, it would, but it doesn’t work, at least not for me.

So, let’s first talk about what cards signify childbirth itself. Sometimes these can help nail down the period for each parent that the child will be born in.

For the mother: Q ♥, A ♥, 2 ♥, 3 ♥, 4 ♥ and possibly 6 ♥.
For the father: K ♥, A ♥, 2 ♥, 3 ♥, 4 ♥ and possibly 6 ♥.

Any of these cards in the Result position of the parent’s yearly spread could indicate a child will be born, or that the mother conceives. Even just discovering that the mother is pregnant can show up as one or more of these cards. But this is not limited to the Result card. They can show up anywhere, and each position gives a slightly different meaning to the card there. Also, these cards can be the underlying cards under the yearly spread cards.

If you are unaware of the underlying cards, you can read Exploring the Little Book of the Seven Thunders to learn how to find them and how to use them.

Other things to notice:

  • A childbirth card in Venus usually means the child will be a girl. In Mars, a boy.
  • 7-year Result cards that are one of these is also very potent, if the birth occurs in the last year of that 7-year period. My second son was born the last year of a 7-year period I was in that had a K ♥ 7-year Result Card, with an underlying K ♦. His birth card was the K ♦. Again, read the Little Book if you want to know how to find the 7-year cards.
  • A 3 ♥ card can mean that you have twins, but I would only say this would be possible if that is a known occurrence in your family history.

Predicting the Day of Birth, or the Card of the Baby

Here are several techniques which have worked for me.

The baby’s Birth Card is often the Result Card of the year for the mother, and sometimes the father.

The power of the Result Card cannot be underestimated. And this is the first place I look when seeking to know the baby’s Birth Card, which in turn usually gives the day since there can only be one occurrence of a card in any given month. And knowing the time frame of the birth usually narrows it down to just one day. A certain card in a certain month will often appear about a month later so you have to know what month to look at. Sometimes this occurs in the father’s cards as well. I have even seen a birth in which both parents had the same Result Card for that year. Double proof!

The baby’s Birth Card could be one of the underlying cards for the Result Card of that year or of the 7-year period (but only if the mother or father is near the end of the 7-year cycle).

As in the example I gave of my second son’s birth, my 7-year Result Card was the K ♥ with my son’s Birth Card (K ♦) underlying it.

If you see one of the childbirth cards(Q ♥, A ♥, 2 ♥, 3 ♥, 4 ♥ or 6 ♥) in the mother’s planetary period where you think the birth will occur:

  • The child’s Birth Card may be the vertical card associated in that spread.For example, the mother may have a 2 ♥ in Mars, and the vertical card is a 7 ♣. If you found that there was a 7 ♣ day during that Mars period, that could be the day the baby is born.
  • The child’s Birth Card could also be one of the underlying cards for the direct or vertical card in that period.Remember, each card in the yearly spread has two underlying cards. I have seen the baby’s Birth Card as one of the underlying cards in the period of the birth, which in turn identifies the day.
  • The child’s Birth Card could be the underlying card in a year that has one of the above child birth cards as Long Range.

Keep in mind that for some people, the time leading up to the birth can be just as focused on the child as the time after the birth. Thus, it is possible to have the baby’s cards both before, during and after their birth, for as much as a year. And also keep in mind that this can occur in either parent’s cards, though it is more common, and expected to appear, in the mother’s cards.

The baby’s Birth Card could be the Long Range Card for the year of birth or for the following year, for the mother or father.

I was a guest on the Marilu Henner TV show once and she was very skeptical about the card system in general. She asked me to show her where her new born son’s birth appeared in her cards. There were no traditional child birth cards in her year but his Birth Card was her Long Range Card for that year.

In conclusion

There might be other techniques that also can work to predict the child’s birthday. I seem to keep finding new ones. But these here will certainly give you a lot to check into. I suggest going back to past births you know about and see what you find. This is such a great tool for perfecting your ability to do accurate predictions. And it is fun!