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with Robert Lee Camp, author of the books Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards.

Software for the Science of the Cards

We offer two professional programs that should give you years of enjoyment and a way to add value to your readings as well as a way to make additional income. Each creates professional quality reports that can be sold as is or included as part of a personal reading. Each has advanced features for learning the system better such as the ability to see each Love Cards relationship connection and where it originates in the Life or Spiritual Spread. All in all these programs go beyond what is in the books and give you a definite advantage in your use of the science of the cards.

Love Cards Reporter 3.0

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The Book of Destiny 3.0

This program handles all of the time-based readings. It displays yearly, seven-year, Life, Spiritual, 7-week and weekly spreads. It shows all the underlying cards so that you are aware of the hidden influences affecting any period of your life. It displays spreads for as many as eight personal significators (Birth Card, Planetary Ruling Card, etc.) Click on any card you are seeing on screen and the meaning will pop-up. This program creates two interpreted reports and two information reports, all very useful and informative.

For complete information, click HERE. To purchase, click HERE.

Love Cards Reporter 3.0

For relationship compatibilities and explorations this is the finest program ever created. The connections it finds go well beyond the Love Cards book, as many as twenty five can be displayed for any couple. You have ultimate control over the connections you see and which ones you use for reports. You can use the default settings or make your own set of rules to follow for finding connections. You can create three differnt kinds of relationship reports, enough to cover any sort of relationship you encounter - Intimate, Friends and Family, or Business Associates. People are consistently amazed at the accuracy of these reports, you will be too.

For complete information, click HERE. To purchase, click HERE.

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