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The new Book of Destiny and Love Cards  4.0 software!

Web Based Destiny Software

Works on all computers and mobile devices! These apps give you access to all the cards and all the connections of anyone you want!

You can look at 3 different kinds of relationship readings with our Love Cards application and look at all of the time-based spreads with the Book of Destiny, now at your fingertips!

Book of Destiny Software

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Now you can access your cards and the cards of anyone you know from any computer, pad or smartphone, anywhere in the world. You can explore yearly spreads, relationship connections, and send reports through email. There is nothing to download or install, no CDs to worry about. No system requirements beyond having a good internet connection and a web browser. No operating system or compatibility issues to be concerned about. If you have a web browser and a internet connection, you can use the software. Works with Windows, Mac and even Linux computers. It also works great with IPhones, Android Phones and any mobile device connected to the internet.

Book of Destiny 4.0

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This program handles all the time-based readings and reports. Everything from your daily cards to your lifetime cards are covered in detail.

Just some of the Book of Destiny 4.0  features you can expect:

  1. Access yearly, seven-year, Life, Spiritual, 7-week and weekly spreads for any birthday except Jokers (December 31st).
  2. Keep the records of all your friends, family or clients in a database and easily access any of their cards, for any time period.
  3. View all of the cards in any spread, and read their interpretations with one mouse click.
  4. See the Underlying Cards, the hidden influence cards found under most cards in any spread.
  5. See two spreads at once, your Birth Card and Planetary Ruling Card, or select any of the following for the second card’s spread to view: Jack, King or Queen spread or for Scorpios, their 2nd Planetary Ruling Card.
  6. Create, email or print a Yearly Report for yourself or anyone else. Instantly!
  7. Move ahead or back in time to any date to see all of the card influences present.
  8. View the Grand Solar Spread for any spread being viewed. (Pro version only)
  9. See the Auspicious Events that are governing any time period you are viewing on screen, along with their interpretations.
  10. Keep a list of clients whose cards you can pull up quickly and whom you can send reports to easily.
  11. Personalize your reports with your own information in the emails you send out. (Pro Version)

Additional Features in the Book of Destiny Professional Version

  1. Create unlimited reports
  2. The ability to view any spread you are looking at in the Grand Solar Spread display (for advanced card students)

Regular Version $19.95 initially, $9.95/month after first month

Cost: $19.95 initial purchase includes one month access, $9.95/month subscription fee after that, billed automatically each month until you cancel.
Reports are purchased as needed. However, when you purchase more than one report, they are much less expensive. For example, one report is $24.95 but ten reports purchased at once are only $14.95 each.

Professional Version $99.95 initially, $29.95/month after first month

Cost $99.95 initial purchase price includes one month access, $29.95/month after that, billed automatically each month until you cancel.
Create unlimited Yearly Reports while you are subscribing.
Also includes the Grand Solar Spread feature for advanced students of the cards.

Love Cards Reporter 4.0!

Screenshots from the Love Cards Mobile App

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Readings and reports for every conceivable relationship between two people. View the connections for:

  • Intimate relationships – lovers, married partners
  • Friends and Family – any non-sexual relationship
  • Business – in depth look at you and someone’s chances for success together in business.

Love Cards Reporter 4.0 features

  1. Completely accurate and highly detailed list of connections. Much more accurate than the Love Cards book because it gives a complete list of connections in the exact correct order.
  2. More detailed interpretations of each connection that includes the names and proper pronouns for each person in the text of the report or interpretation.
  3. Affirmations for each connection that highlight the most positive expression of the connections between you.
  4. Explore the connections and their meanings for any two people or create a complete report.
  5. View or send reports for any two people with the three kinds of interpretations listed above.
  6. Keep a list of clients whose cards you can pull up quickly and whom you can send reports to easily.
  7. Share your client database between both programs if you have them both.
  8. Personalize your reports with your own company or personal information. (Pro Version only)
  9. The program stores information on which reports you created and sent so that you can refer back to them when you want, or resend them if necessary.(Pro Version only)

Love Cards 4.0 Professional Version also includes

  1. Unlimited reports
  2. The View Connection List feature that allows you to view all of the connections between two individuals, view them in the Life and Spiritual Spreads and the ability to move connections in the list up and down to change their priority or make sure they appear in your reports.

Love Cards Regular Version $19.95 initially, $9.95/month after first month

Love Cards Professional Version $99.95 initially, $29.95/month after first month

Purchase both programs together and SAVE!

When you purchase access to both programs together, you save $5 per month on the regular versions and $10/month on the Professional Versions. Just use the links below. (If you are already using one of the programs and want to add the other, go ahead and order both and we will refund your current month’s subscription on the program you are already using. Just email us (themagi@7thunders.com) to let us know.

Both Regular Versions $29.95 initially, $14.95/month after first month

Both Professional Versions $149.95 initially, $49.95/month after first month

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