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Cards of Your DestinyCards of Your Destiny

by Robert Camp 382 pages


The main book of this system that details the yearly readings, this new edition of the previous book, The Cards of Your Destiny, contains much more information on each year and 52-day period of a person’s life. It also contains new celebrity stories and new advanced chapters. Learn to do your own predictive readings using the most accurate system of divination ever discovered. With this book, anyone within a matter of hours, can learn to read their own destiny or the destiny of anyone they choose. All that is needed is the person’s birthday. This new edition adds the yearly Environment and Displacement Cards, which are two of the most important cards of each year. Plus it has a special chapter with the significant years and cycles of life for each Birth Card that tell when important events and life changes will occur.

Love CardsLove Cards

by Robert Camp 390 pages


This is a great place to start in learning the Destiny Cards system and seeing what it has to offer you. This book gives in-depth descriptions of all the Birth Cards and Planetary Ruling Cards that can tell you all about your personal destiny in this lifetime. There is a special emphasis on the characteristics of each birthday as it applies to relationships, marriage, etc. Also the book presents a detailed and highly accurate method for doing a complete relationship reading between two people. This book will amaze you as you begin to explore all your personal relationships and see the patterns that lie between you and your family, friends, lovers and associates. This recently updated version contains new celebrity stories and new advanced chapters.

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Cards of Your Destiny | Love Cards

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