Intermediate Level Courses

Intermediate Level Courses

Once you have read Cards of Your Destiny and/or Love Cards, or even Your Birthday Your Card, you will be ready to proceed into what we call the Intermediate level courses we offer here. Rest assured you will be able to learn everything you need to become a great card reader, whether you want to know just for your own personal use or if you want to do readings professionally.

NEW! CARD TALKS with Robert Lee Camp | Instructional Video Classes

These ongoing educational classes are our latest video series offering you the opportunity to learn The Science of The Cards and increase your skills toward performing more accurate readings and better predictions. Robert shares over 25 years of experience in the Card Science along with many insightful tips and hidden secrets to help you improve your interpretation skills.

Using the Cards for Personal and Professional Planning

Our new course, you can learn how to apply your card knowledge to having an ongoing understanding of your life’s path, both personal, professional and spiritual.

The Intermediate Workshop

The place most people go at this point is directly into the Intermediate Workshop. This workshop focuses exclusively on how to read and get more from the Yearly Spreads. After you have watched and completed this six-hour course, you will find that your understanding of how to read your spreads and those of others has increased dramatically. The Rules of Interpretation and how to combine cards together are discussed in-depth. This is a recorded live class with Robert and you will also be given a copy of each participant’s Yearly Spreads so that you can follow along and benefit the most. This is the course that all Magi Fellowship initiates are required to study before taking their first test. It is informative and comprehensive.

The Cards and Relationships

Probably the first and most useful aspect of the Science of the Cards is how helpful it is in understanding our relationships. But even beyond that, it can help us make better choices in relationships of all kinds. Imagine being able to know most everything about a person, even before you talk to them, all from just having their birthday. This five-hour course focuses on how to use this amazing system to understand your past and current relationships and how to choose relationships in the future. You will learn the underlying interpretations behind the ‘codes’ used in the Love Cards book and learn how to do quick readings yourself without even having the book! All aspects of relationships are discussed and how to choose all kinds of relationships as well.

Inside the Meaning of the Cards, Part One and Two

These two courses, one four-hour and the other a six-hour course, are essentially a data-download by Robert Lee Camp, on most everything he knows about each individual card in the deck. As Robert gives this information to a live class, you will encounter numerous real-life examples to enrich your understanding of the meanings of the cards. Part One deals with the meanings of the Yearly Spread and Life Spread cards while Part Two deals with the Birth and Planetary Ruling Cards.

CARD TALKS with Robert Lee Camp | Instructional Video Classes

Instructional video courses from our new popular CARD TALKS bi-monthly classes offered by Robert. These insightful classes cover a large range of topics covering in detail many aspects that are invaluable in practicing the Science of the Cards. Robert shares his card knowledge and over 25 years of his personal teaching experience with the class participants. Question and answer sessions are also included. These classes can assist you in sharpening your skills at making predictions, increasing your accuracy for personal readings for yourself and others, and discovering a new hidden secret on how to find more information about every period of your year in the Grand Solar Spreads.